Rolling Stone · 4 reasons to think that Henry Cavill should not be Superman in the DC universe


Ben Affleck he said the role of the Batman in the The universe, Stretched from the DC power supply (DCEU)that has been the rebuild of the character, and fix the mistakes of the past. Since then, rumors about the Henry Cavill leave it on the mantle Superman will be presented.

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Nothing has been confirmed yet. Therefore, Cavill it is still technically the Superman the DCEUat least for the time being. The Screerant list four reasons why the actor should be replaced in this world:

Michael B. Jordan

MichaelB. Jordan he met with the Warner Bros. to talk to you about the Superman. The actor does not want to interpret the character immediately, because it has a couple of projects before, but we proposed several ideas to the studio executives. Jordan it is one of the best actors of our generation and has starred as a villain in the Black Pantherthe Marvel comics and it was one of the highlights of the film.

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The “Trilogy” is complete

When you look at The man-of-Steel –, Batman vs. Superman’ and Justice league of america as for the prequel trilogy Superman in the DCEUit has a full arc. In all three films, is the story of the origin of the six million dollar man-the first fatal error, the consequences of the death, resurrection, and redemption.

All three of the films, also developed in the novel, the character of Winner Of The Contest and the relationship with the Martha Kent. There is more to where you want to go with this version Superman.

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The Witcher

If you Henry Cavill to stay in the DCEUthe actor will have to split your time between the Superman and Geralt of Rívia. The new production of the original Netflix, The Witcherit was a huge success, and if the player is replaced as a Superman you’ll have more time to do the new seasons, which in turn will come to the streaming service more quickly.

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The New Batman Is The New Superman

The Batman directed by Matt Reeves it was advertised as a self-contained movie, set in a fictional universe the most spacious. Robert Pattinson how to Would Have To Be Changed you will need an updated version of the Clark Kent to go with it. Place Henry Cavill in the film, with a Dark knight a different would be strange, since it worked with the Ben Affleck in three of the productions.

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