Rolling Stone · Zack Snyder has revealed that the Justice League is almost used to the story of the Stars: Ultimate


What would have happened if the director had not moved away from the franchise for personal reasons?

With the end of the epic, Upcoming Deadline it showed the death of some of the characters in the most iconic of the USINGwho lived in the telinhas for nearly a decade. What many people do not know, however, is that you Justice league of america it almost had a story similar to that of the Marvel comicsin accordance with the Zack Snyder.

During a pandemic, the coronavirus, the director, said a review of the Batman vs. Superman’: is The Origin of the Justiceemphasis shall be given to the sequence of the “Knightmare “, the nightmare of the Dark Knight. Here Ben Affleck he lives in a Batman tired of fighting against the Superman (Henry Cavill)- corrupted by the Equation of Anti-Life.

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In the same film Flash the Ezra Miller he was soon introduced to the DCEUback in time, to reveal to the man that was going to happen. For a live-in social networks Snyder he confirmed that the Flash it would be sent back in time once again to start a new row from time to time.

Thus, it is the third film in a ecoaria in the history of the “assault on time” is displayed on the Upcoming Deadlineof Joe and Anthony Russo. In addition to this, Snyder I had already confessed that he wanted to kill the Batman during the arc, in the DCEUprobably giving his life for the heroically as well as the The man in the Iron he died in Ultimate.

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In the end, no one really knows what would have happened if Snyder he hadn’t moved away from the Justice league of america for personal reasons, as Joss Whedon took over the reins of the franchise.