Rolling Stone magazine · 3 from the reasons why This spin-off of Friends, it was a total failure


The show Friendsthe channel The show, it was one of the greatest phenomenons on the tv in america. The series followed the six friends, ten seasons and ended in 2004. Four months after the final episode goes to air, he made his debut in the spin-off Joey: the Life of an Artist, the adventures of the character of the Matt LeBlanc, in Los Angeles, california, in an attempt to live as an actor, as pointed out by the web site I.

Jennifer Anistonperformer Rachel in the series, as he believes it to be a continuation of the Friendsit would be able to “ruin” the legacy of the program. “For a reboot of the series, does not come even close to being as good as it might have been,” he explained in an interview with the Howard Stern in 2019 at the latest. And the utter failure of the Joey: the Life of an Artist you can confirm the position of the actor.

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With the change in the personality of the character, the creative team is different from the Friends and the pressure to match the success of the original series Joey it flopped with the public and with the critics.

A change in personality and a team

In September 2004, the Joey Tribbiani back to the tv. In the series, the character returns to live with his sister, Gina and you live with your nephew Michael. As a result of the two campaigns that have been launched in the life of the Joey it ignores, completely, the friends of the Friendsthe history of the show’s success, and with the changes, even the character is already well-known by the general public.

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The creative team of Friends did not participate in the project, it’s just Kevin S. Brightone of the developers, he has worked as an executive producer. In an interview with the web site The Metro by 2018 Yes he explained the changes. “I think what we have tried to present to the public a Joey it still is not known, and trying to develop a relationship with and go out with a nerd. I know that Joey I was doing the show, but it wasn’t something that was expected by the fans, so it was not a success,” he added. The character has become “pathetic and depressing”, in the words of the producer.

The series was released to the 18.6 million viewers, but the range fell steadily until it reached 4.1 million, and the show was canceled halfway through the second season, in 2006.

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The pressure for the success of

For LeBlanc, the change of character had been the main problem Joey. “I was cursed from the very beginning. In Friends I shared a 22-minute episode with all six characters. In This the plot was all over me. It was a responsibility too,” he said to the Radio Times [via[viaTube]

The original cast of the Friends you will be meeting for a special HBO’s Maxstill no date for the film.