Rolling Stone magazine · a total of 6 easter eggs in the films of the Harry Potter series that you probably don’t realize it


A variety of references and hidden messages that appear in the course of the saga, and the film

Movies In The Harry Potter Series they gave life to the work of theJ. K. Rowling in the movie theaters. The series starring Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint was attended by numerous directors and actors, world-renowned Hollywood and became a worldwide hit at the box office.

And even after all the years of the expiration of the franchise, and the fans continue to be fascinated by the details of the feature-length films. Some of the easter eggs and details are hidden away, were quickly discovered, while others have only been seen after the launch of the film.

The Youtube channel MsMojo have lots of details on the production of In The Harry Potter Series and we’ve broken the 6 easter eggs the amazing saga that you probably don’t even realize it. Check it out:

The lembrol Neville

The first film in the series, Neville win a lembrol as a gift. Soon after you hold it in your hands, the object of magic is filled with red smoke to indicate that he has forgotten something. However, the wizard is not able to remember what you’ve forgotten to dress up the cover of the uniform, from harry potter, which can be seen in all of the other students around him.

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The bang of Gilderoy Lockhart

The professor of the Defense Against the Dark Arts in the second year of the Harry harry potter Gilderoy Lockhartit is a bit of a celebrity narcissist, known for the books about the dark arts later, we found out that the wizard has lied to you about their experiences.

When you Harry try to ask for help to solve the mystery of the basilisk, Gilderoy he decides to pack up your things and leave the school. And in the midst of the possessions of it, it is possible to see in a blonde wig.

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A brief history of time

In the The prisoner of Azkabana wizard appears, reading through A brief history of time Stephen Hawking. The reference is to the work of the physician is to be a way to introduce a major plot twist in the movie, the turn-on time.

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Newt Scamander at the Hogwarts

The map of marotos reveals a number of details about the wizards and witches in harry potter. And it’s one of the most interesting is the appearance of the Newt Scamanderthe protagonist of the new saga and the cinematic universe’s sorcerer, Amazing Animals.

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In the deathly hallows

Even before the deathly hallows it is mentioned in the two previous movies, and they have the source of them is revealed in the symbol of the magic that appears in the living room He in And the Goblet of Fire. In the cabinet of the chief-of-Tolerance, it is possible to see an object consisting of a pyramid, a sphere, and a metal rod.

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The codes for Him

In the first lesson of Potions He it draws the attention of the Harry to be writing, instead of watching the show from the teacher to the students. Then, the magician asks the question: “tell Me what you would have to add the root powder of asfódelo in an infusion of wormwood?”.

However, no one noticed that He he spoke from the code. Asphodelus is a plant of the family of the lilies, in English, and Her father – and it means “my regrets follow you to the grave,” in the language of the flowers used in the Victorian Era. Already, absinthe has been a symbolism for the sadness of bitter. So the question to the oracle can be translated as: “I’m sorry but the death of the Today”.

A scene is deleted, and the professor says that the combination of the two elements to create a potion to sleep for as powerful as it is referred to as the Project, on the Death of the Living. In addition to this, asphodelus was a supposed cure for the bite of snakes had something to do with the death of the He?

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