Salma Hayek presumed friendship with Angelina Jolie and Kumail Nanjiani


The actress and producer of mexican Salma Hayek shared a picture together with their colleagues from the filming of the movie “The eternals” (The eternal), Angelina Jolie and the actor on pakistan’s Kumail Nanjiani, who have become his friends.

Hayekwho will give life to “Ajax“the leader of The eternal, he shares credits on this tape -which will be released in November 2020 – with Jolie, those who interpret “Thena”; Richard Madden in the role of “Ikaris”; Don Lee, as “Gilgamesh”; Kumail Nanjiani as “Kingo”, and Bryan Tyree, such as “Phastos”.

As well as the actresses Lauren Ridloff and Lia McHugh, as “Makkari” and “Sprite”, respectively, characters that the film adaptation will be female.

As Kumail Nanjiani will give life to “Kingo”, one of the best swordsmen in the world that, among its skills, highlight the flight, projections of energy and molecular manipulations.

“How lucky I am, I thought it was going to be working with great actors playing aliens, and it turned out that I also made friends with some wonderful human beings #TheEternals#AngelinaJolie@kumailn”, wrote the also producer of the series Monarch in their social networks.

Last July, the artist veracruzana released on their social networks to be integrated to the Universe Film Marvel with “The eternals”during the Comic-con in San Diego. The president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Present, unveiled the cast of the film directed by the filmmaker Chloé Zhao.

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On this occasion, Salma highlighted the diversity that exists in the cast, as there is an african-american, a south Korean, a pakistani, a scot, a deaf actress and a child.

This movie will allow those who never feel represented in movies, in this case of superheroes, feel represented. I love my diverse family,” he said.