Selena Gomez is going to re-launch the album and donate the profits to the fight against the covid-19


Selena Gomez is going to release tomorrow a new version of their latest album, “Rare”, with three previously unreleased tracks. In addition to giving fans new music to listen to in the quarantine, she is going to donate a portion of our profits to the fight against the coronaviruses.

Spain has decided to help out, specifically, Plus1, which helps to provide financial support for performers and other workers in the industry, most of which were abandoned with the cancellation of the event, and other impacts of the pandemic. $ 1 from each unit of the disc sold will go to the organization.

The new version of the “Rare” will feature the new tracks “Boyfriend”, “She”, and “Mercy”. The compositions of the new added to the 13 original tracks on the disc, including the hits “Lose” You to Love Me”, “Look at Her Now,” and “Rare”.

Selena has also revealed the cover art for the deluxe version of the album on his Instagram and left a message for her fans. “Many of you will know as much as I was excited for the release of a song called ‘Boyfriend,’ which is a compilation of fun about having your heart broken and recover,” he wrote.

“We wrote this song well before the current crisis, but in the context of the day, I want to make it very clear that her [‘boyfriend’] it is far from my list of priorities. As well as all over the world, I pray for safety, unity, and recovery to you all during this pandemic,” he said.