Stay at home, a new He, and others, 13 movies coming to streaming on – 09/04/2020 Film


Of this film the more distressed, the lonely, can you put the schedule on the day, even in the absence of release of the film on the big screen.

The securities, which had recently premiered in movie theaters in São Paulo, as an “Officer and a Spy”, Roman Polanski, and “Bloodshot”, a new film, with Vin Diesel, are available on the platforms on-demand.

Other films that have attempted to stall the award of international film will also be available on the internet. In the case of morocco, “Adam” (2019), by Maryam Touzani, and the Russian, “A Woman’s High,” (2019), by Kantemir Balagov long, who had a seat in the Academy, “The Invisible Life”.

On top of that, the Fine Arts, a la Carte restaurant, it offers, free of charge, up to 15/4, “Inflatable Doll’, a film based on the 2009 In Kore-eda, the same as that of the award-winning “Family affair”.

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Id. Morocco/France/Belgium, 2019. Address: Maryam Touzani. With: Daoua Belkhaouda, Loubna Azabal, and Nessrine Erradi. 98 min. 12.

A widow and their daughter, selling bread and sweets, and was surprised by the arrival of a pregnant young woman, who asks him for shelter. The poor, she’s poor your standard of living, and resorted to pragmatism to help you the visitors. In the movie, it was the commitment of Morocco to compete for a spot in the category of international film Oscar in the year 2020.
That is available in the ‘ Now ‘ and ‘ I Live to Play (in R$ 14,90 for location).

Lovely Women
In Little Women. The U.S. by 2019. Director: Greta Gerwig. With: Emma Watson, Laura Dern, Timothée Chalamet, and others. Up to 120 minutes.Up to 10 years.

Four sisters grow up together, raised by their mother, as their father fights in the civil war of the United States of america. In their own way, each and every one of them to mature and deal with the situation of women in the society of the time. An adaptation of the book “Mulherzinhas”, by Louisa May Alcott. The winner of the Oscar for best costume design.
That is available in the Google Play store and on YouTube (in R$ 29,90 to purchase”); Now (R$ 18,90 to the lease); Looke (R$ 16,99 for the rental; and the iTunes (R$ 9,90, available for rent, R$ 24,90, – for buy).

Varavva. Russia, by 2019 at the latest. Address: Address: Evegeniy Emelin. With: Pavel Kraynov, Regina Khakimova, and Zalim Morzoev. 117 minutes.

In the long history of the Jesus the Christ of Nazareth is told from the perspective of Barabbas, a bandit, condemned, at the same time as him, but you can’t escape the cross.
That is available in the Google Play is R$ 19,90 for the lease); Now, R$ 14,90, – for lease -); Live, Play, R$ 11,90 for hire); iTunes (R$ 14,90, to hire); and to Looke ($9.99 lease).

Id. The U.S., by 2020. Director: Dave Wilson Said. With: Vin Diesel, Sam Heughan, and Eiza González. The 110-minute. 14.

The soldier who died and was brought back to life, have his memory erased, and his abilities improved, and turned into a killer, that’s perfect. However, when he learns about his past, he goes on the chase after the ones who were used as guinea pigs in an experiment.
That is available in Google Play (in R$ 29,90 for purchase), YouTube (R$ 44,90, to purchase; and in the iTunes (R$ 54,90, – for buy).

Inflatable Doll
Kûki Ningyô. In japan, in 2009. Direction: In Kore-eda. Com: Arata, Doona Bae, and Itsuji Itao. At 125 minutes.

A solitary man, of middle age, uses a doll to be a hyper-realistic (Bae Doona) as a company. One day, when there is no one else in the house, and the doll comes to life and sets out to explore the world, but you have to be careful not to reveal his true identity.
Available in a Beautiful a La Carte restaurant (monthly): R$ 10,90. Free 15/4).

The Strange thing that We all Love
The Beguiled. The US, in 2017. Director: Sofia Coppola. With: Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst and Colin Farrell. At 93 minutes. 14.

Based on the novel of the same name by Thomas Cullinan, the film is a remake of the long, 1971, directed by Clint Eastwood. It tells the story of a wounded soldier during the american Civil War, which is to be found in a young woman. She takes him to the boarding school for women, where they live, and that the man’s presence raises the tension between the women. With the film, Sofia Coppola won the best director award at the Cannes film Festival in 2017.
Available at Google Play (Us$ 24,90 for purchase), iTunes (R$ 24,90 for purchase), Looke (R$ 58,99 for purchase, and Netflix (monthly subscription fee: R$ 21,90 R$ 45,90. Free for 30 days).

The fury in the Game
Freedom”s Fury. The U.S., in 2006. Director: Colin K. Gray . Featuring: Mark Spitz, Viktor Ageyev, Antal Bolvári, and János Bük. The 90-minute drive.

In the documentary, it depicts the violent in the semi-final, the olympic in 1956, in which the former water polo: Hungary, and the former the former Soviet Union competed not only on the scoreboard, as a sport, but also their political and ideological differences.
Available in a Beautiful a La Carte restaurant (monthly): R$ 10,90. Free 15/4).

Martin Eden
Id. Italy, France, 2019. Director: Pietro Marcello. With: Luca Marinelli, Jessica Cressy, and Vincenzo Nemolato. At 129 minutes.14.

A sailor, who dreams of becoming a writer and falls in love with a girl in class. When you get closer to the ideas of socialism, he finds himself in a conflict between their beliefs and social life, which leads to the side of a loved one. An adaptation of the novel by the same name by american author Jack London. The winner of the best actor award at the film Festival in Venice, italy (Marinelli).
Available on Film (, and it’s$ 6 for a rental.

New levels for new levels
Id. In brazil, in 2017. Director: Aly Muritiba, and Jandir Santin. With: – Ma-Ry, Maicon Douglas, and He Linhares. 103 minutes long. 16 years of age.

The four friends, who live in a neighbourhood, the peripheral are going to dance to rap music with a different agenda. However, the night takes a turn unpredictably, leading to the events of that bond once and for all the targets in your life.
Available Now at R$ 14,90 for location).

Officer and a Spy
I do not accuse. France, Italy, 2019. Director: Roman Polanski. With: Jean Dujardin, Louis Garrel and Emmanuelle Seigner. The 132-minute drive.14.

The film is inspired by true events and tells the story of Alfred Dreyfus, a jew and a captain in the French army. In 1884, he was sentenced to exile for fear of being accused of treachery by a supposed to be disclosing military secrets to Germany, with which his country was at war. The winner of the grand prize of the jury at the Venice film Festival and a Cesar for best director (Polanski), costume design, and adaptation. From the same director of “The Pianist” (2003), the film is based on the homonymous book of the writer, by Robert Harris.
That is available in the Google Play store and on YouTube (in R$19,90 to purchase”); Now (R$14,90 for lease -); Live, PLay, R$11,90 for the rental; and the iTunes (R$29,90, for sale, R$14,90, for location).

Who Is the sports Bra?
The Bra’s. In germany, by 2018. Director: Veit Helmer. With: Miki Manojlovic, Paz Vega, and Chulpan Khamatova. The 90-minute drive. 12.

The engineer is about to retire, is that the train that borders on a clothesline, knocking over a blue bra. He then goes on a journey to find the owner of the piece. Exhibited at the 43rd International Film festival.
Available Now at R$ 14,90 for lease -); Live, Play, R$ 11,90 for the lease; and Looke ($9.99 for the rental and$ 29.99 to purchase).

Those Who Love Me Follow Me!
Qui m’aime me suive! In france, by 2018. Director: José Alcala. With: Bernard Le Coc, Catherine Frot, and Daniel Auteil. The 90-minute drive. 12.

A couple of retired leads a quiet life until the woman decides to leave her husband on account of her complaints. He is the one that is in your power to regain it.
That is available in the Google Play store and on YouTube (in R$ 19,90 for the purchase of); Live, Play, R$ 11,90 for the lease); Now, R$ 14,90, to hire); and to Looke ($9.99 for the lease and$ 29.00 off for your purchase.

A Woman In A High
Dylda. Russia, by 2019 at the latest. Address: Kantemir Balagov. Featuring: Viktoria Miroshnichenko, Vasilisa Perelygina, and Andrey Bykov. A total of 137 minutes. 16 years of age.

While living in Leningrad, Russia, the two women try to rebuild their lives in the midst of the destruction caused by the fighting of the Second World War. Inspired by the book, “The War will Not Have the Face of a Woman,” the writer-winner of the Nobel prize Here, Aleksiévitch.
Available Now at R$ 14,90 for location).

The birds of Summer
Pájaros de Verano. Colombia/Denmark/Mexico/France, In The Year 2018. Director: Cristina Gallego and Ciro Guerra. Com: Carmiña Martínez, José Acosta and Natalia Reyes. At 125 minutes. 16 years of age.

Between the decades of the 1970s and 1980s, the drug trade has been consolidated in Columbia, and has been responsible for the entry of thousands of dollars in the country. In this context, the indigenous community is involved in the business to foresee the disastrous consequences it will bring.
That is available in the Live Play (in R$ 11,90 for the lease; and Looke ($9.99 to rent and$ 29.99 to purchase).