The 10 worst action movies


It is expected that a good film will bring the stars and planets in weight to take on the story, and, of course, a scene impressive in combat, with explosions, chases, and weapons of any kind – not even a pencil, as shown to us by John Wick. However, some of the productions that seem to meet these requirements, and they end up proving itself to be the big disappointment.

An example of this was the The Squadron’s Suicide. With a score packed with hits, the longest in the team’s DC it promised to take a turn in the movies, the hero is exploring a new approach to the visual, and the characters far removed from the traditional morality of the good guys. Unfortunately, it was only a promise. Though Margot Robbie and Will Smith they have a great interest in the harley quinn and Gunslinger, respectively, of the production, it was with an air of the region, apart from including the degree of hazard of its threat.

In a similar way, with the launch of the Netflix Polar he also had his potential go to waste. In adapting the graphic novel Polar: Came From the Coldthe film concentrates on Mads Mikkelsen the role of the main character Ducan Vizla, the best assassin in the world that you are about to retire, when they get the caca to him. The intention of the director was clear: to create one of your own John Wick on the internet. However, the result was near most of the ridiculous rather than the tension and the excitement in the franchise, starring Keanu Reeves.

The Omelista this week, a review of these and other films and the action is really, really bad; see above.