The actress in the Marvel comics block comments on Instagram after she suffered bullying


Not even for the stars of the film are free of comments are malicious and the people in the social networks.

One may think of the more recent is what happened with Florence Pugh, who has been the victim of offensive language from a few of his followers.

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The situation began when she posted a photo of her boyfriend, Zach Braff, and, to the knowledge of the two will create together.

We, unfortunately, had to close down the comments section of this post soon after the, because many of the followers and began the practice of bullying against Zack’s.

Welch later stated in a video on the social networking site, where you spoke out against the bullying and explained that she was not going to tolerate this in your page:

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“I will not allow this behavior on my page. It makes me sad. I am sorry that during this period of time in which all you really need to be together, and we need to help us, we need to love and care for what the world is like that. The world is dying, and a few of you have me intimidated for no reason.

Florence Pugh will Yelena Belova in the movie, the Black Widow, which arrives in theaters on October 29th of this year.

The plot of the movie, after his birth, and Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson), is provided to the KGB, which prepares you to become their agent for final approval.

When the U.S.S.R. breaks up, the government tries to kill her as the action moves to the present, New York city, where she has been working as a freelancer.

After the adventures with the Avengers, she returned to her country of origin and join with his old allies, to the end of the program, the government transformed it into the episode.

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