The Baby boom: Katy-Perry-reveals-sex-of-baby-with Orlando Bloom


Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, they expect the first baby’s (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

The singer Katy Perry it seems that you decided to give it a lively, in-your quarantine, and made a cup of tea the revelation only with her fiance, actor Orlando Bloom. However, it was the social network to say what I was expecting as much: “it’s a GIRL”! At the location, I put: Girls Run The World (the girls run the world, in a free translation, with reference to the music of the Her).


The picture has been posted in the early morning hours of Friday, Saturday (day 03 04.04) on the account, will also host the reality show musical “American Idol,” on Instagram. Along with the news, it’s a picture of the dad of the year happy, with a face smeared with cake. Congrats to the couple! Katy Perry announced the pregnancy at the beginning of march, when they released the music video for “Never Worn Whitewhen it is held against your belly.

“This is wonderful”, “happy birthday to you”, and “leave it to bud to make mention of the last name of the father, in the English language, she)” they say some of the messages from the fans. The designer Jeremy Scottthe Moschino, he said, “I can’t wait to put on that child.”

I should be giving birth to her first child in the next few months, and the temperature of the hottest part of the year, in the Summer (in the Northern hemisphere), when they will release their sixth full-length studio album (follow up to “Witness”, in the fall of 2017). Orlando is already the father of a little so sorry for your loss, 9-year-old from her relationship with model Miranda Kerr (2010, 2013).

Katy-Perry-displays-the barrigão, shortly after announcing the pregnancy in early march (Photo: Playback/Instagram)