The band 5 Seconds of Summer, shows a maturity in the lbum ‘C A L L Y’


The 5-Seconds-of-Summer-mix-influence
The 5-Seconds-of-Summer-mix-influncias of the music and messages are deep (photo: Andy DeLuca/Divulgao)

The the australian Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin, Luke Hemmings, and Michael Clifford, who make up the band 5 Seconds of Summer, broke out in 2011, on the internet, with covers of artists such as Chris Brown and Justin Bieber. The worldwide success came in the 2014 lanamento da track She looks so perfect. Since then, the quartet will keep the fs around the globe, including in Brazil, which deals with the way to pop, to rock artists who have, over the years, has come of age. The growth of the band as it is clear in the fourth album of his career, the disc C H A L L M A, rolled in in February of this year, in the midst of a pandemic of coronavrus, and it takes you to the home of each and every one of the team members.

Made up of 12 enjoy, your disk will have composies, which have been made by the group in its majority, in the middle of the pack. “We tend to write in pairs, and it will always change who is in est writing, and with whom. Many of enjoy has been written as a band is the same, then we’re going to bringing some of the more meldica. On this record, the young of the larger to the maximum extent permitted by the letter. He is another songwriter and you have too much credit on being creative,” explains Calum Hood in an interview with the The mail.

On the message the group sought positive themes, and deeper than in previous works. “The self, confiana, and freedom, as a being in its own skin, so some of the messages of this album,” says the singer, who also plays bass in the band. “I don’t think that much has changed in the nearly 10 years of his career. We are more confident as an artist. The expectations of what you’re looking for has changed as well. All that you do for the fs,” he said.


The disc opens with a The Red desert., the barrel, which is approximately a capella — this feature is used also in the Wildflower — and-after-enactment, a strike danante. “We were inspired by the inclusive-of-different sounds,” he says. It’s quite pop, it also is in bands such as Easier, Teeth and The Thin white lies. The flirting with the rhythms of R&B, appearing on songs such as Not in the same way and The Old me, but more that it represents the artists of the quartet, because it deals with themes that are personal to you. “This music is one of my favorites as well. a window of opportunity that we had to show it to the people to whom we become”, said Hood.

The process of the production of the C-L-M said, in the past year. At a number of tracks from the lbum-j was well-known to the public. Easier it was the first single from the album, and was featured in the top 100 of the Billboard charts and Spotify. In August 2019, lanaram Teeth, which was part of the soundtrack of the 13 reasons whyof the Series. By 2020, comearam lanando In shame, and then released The Old me. “The reason is that the fs is always looking for new things, so lanamos before. And also to make people understand the lbum before it can be rolled,” says the singer.

In the first singles, won the clips. J, the rest will have to wait and see. For the reason that the period of social withdrawal, for the account of the Covid-19. “Estvamos making a couple of things. But you can’t shoot it now, because I need to be on the lookout for all of this is situated. We need to be careful. But, we hope, wool, new clips, yeah, soon,” he said.


5 Seconds of Summer. Universal Music, the 12 tracks. Available on the digital platform.