The date of the premiere of the new ‘Blade’ in the MCU, it may have been revealed


The Step 4 the Marvel comics he suffered a serious setback with the postponement of the ‘Black Widow’. However, the studio also used this as a chance to further their plans for the next few years USING.

In a nutshell, the video has now been moved to the launch date of its successor, and so the film, directed by Scarlett Johansson it now occupies the seat in November, and that would be it ‘The Eternal“–and so on and so forth. In addition to this, theCaptain Marvel 2‘ finally got a date for the official debut in July of 2022.

This is the movie to the end of the current programme. However, we now have a concept of what you are developing, and after this: the reboot of ‘theThe Blade‘ and Mahershala There.

The expert, a journalist and an insider Charles Murphy he shared a new piece of information in the social media. Outlines the the the next 5 the date of the release of the Marvel Studios you already locked up, he is apparently heard to say that the primary production and post-CM2) is the ‘The Bladewith the super-hero movie arriving at cinemas in the On October 7, 2022.

We look forward to any additional information that the Murphy or even an acknowledgement of the Marvel comics on the subject of.

In spite of this, it would make a lot of sense if I ‘The Blade‘ it’s the next film on the list, because it has been introduced, along with the rest of the Step 4 in the The San Diego Comic-Con. The film did not receive a place on the time line, however, it was welcomed on to the stage and revealed to the world as the new Daywalker, taking on the position of the Wesley Snipes.