The daughter of Floyd Mayweather is arrested after stabbing a woman be jealous of a rapper YoungBoy NBA


The woman would be in a serious condition.

The daughter of a 19-year-old Floyd Mayweather, Iyanna, who was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. According to TMZ, she’s currently imprisoned in the jail of Harris County Jail in Houston, texas, in the United States, after having been taken into custody at about 13: 30 local time on Saturday (April 4). Law enforcement sources say that Iyanna had a confrontation with the mother of the son-of-NBA-YoungBoy – Lapattra Lashai Jacobs – the house of the YoungBoy. When Iyanna came home, she told Jacobs that it was the wedding of a YoungBoy, and ordered her to go away.

The discussion went back to the kitchen, where Iyanna was in with two knives. When the Jacobs reached Iyanna’s, she would be charged for Jacobs to pick up one of the knives, which the police didn’t believe me. So, Iyanna, the stabbed the second knife, and Jacobs fell to the ground, where he was found by emergency medical personnel. A possible video of the scene show blood all over the floor. The legend says that the Collection is in a “critical condition”, but it has not yet been confirmed.

YoungBoy, was briefly handcuffed as a safety precaution. Iyanna said to the authorities of that Collection, pulled her hair, and then went back to the kitchen, where a violent altercation took place. Iyanna said to the police that he had never known, Collection of before.

Check out the video below.