The director of the “Birds of Prey”, talks about the box office was lower than expected


The expectations are for the “Birds of Prey” they were high, but when a comic book movie about Harley Quinn and her team have debuted, it was lower than expected, and was soon classified as a “failure”. Despite the fact that, in comparison to the other films in the DC area, the film is not one of the biggest box office, it raked in$ 200 million at the box-office, that is, 2.4 times the budget, which is not enough to be a “failure”.

The filmmaker behind the long, Old Hand, he talked about the box office below expectations and was disappointed by the narrative which had emerged due to the trading performance of the film.

“I don’t think that if you really look at the details of the issue of the budget… I’m sure that the studio had high hopes for the film, like all of us,” Yan said to THR. “But there were also expectations that inappropriate in a film written and directed by women, and the one I’m most disappointed in was the idea that maybe it would prove that we weren’t ready for it.”

“This is an extra burden that I, as a principal, I had it with me in any way. So, yes, I think there were certainly different ways to interpret the success or lack of success of the film, and everyone in the world has the right to do so. But I definitely feel like the whole world was quick to jump at a certain angle,” he says.

Margot Robbie and Her Hand during the recordings of “Birds of Prey”. Photo/Allmusic

Titled “Birds of Prey: harley quinn and Emancipation ” Fantabulosa”, the film follows harley quinn coming to the Canary in the Dark, Huntress and Renee Montoya, to save the life of Cassandra Cain, the criminal, Black Mask in Gotham City, after their emancipation, and with the company.

Margot Robbie to star in the film, in the role of harley quinn in the side from the Basque country such as Cassandra Cain, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, as a Hunter, Rosie Perez as Renee Montoya, Jornee captain smollett-Bell as a Canary in the Dark, and Ewan McGregor as the villain, Black Mask.

The film had a release in a digital format in advance, due to the multi-coronavirus.