The documentary, produced by Selena Gomez discusses his ‘inheritance’ of a Latin and an immigrant


Selena Gomez has never forgotten where it came from. Born in the United States, the american singer has the seed of the mexican, and the history of immigration in your family has one of their flags.

In an article published by Vogue Arabic, the singer discusses why she produced ” Living the Undocumented, a documentary about the immigrant available on Netflix.

The history of the family in the territory of the u.s. began with the immigration of his great aunt, who had crossed the border into the United States hidden away in the back of a truck.

“My grandparents followed them, and my father was born in the united states. If they hadn’t chosen to make this country their home, things would have been very different for me,” he says.

Selena says she is proud to be a woman in the mexican-american war

“[Estou] incredibly proud of the two of them. My family chose to leave for Mexico to pursue the american dream.”

However, she also emphasizes her grief with the immigration policies of the era, the Trump, and that the subject should be treated with compassion.

“The one thing that I have seen is that the immigration in addition to the policy and political discussions – it’s a human,” he says.

On the face of it, Selena knows that the stories of immigration and the need to be listened to, rather than the headlines of the newspapers.

Because of this, he produced the documentary, ” Living Undocumented, which tells the story of eight families of illegal immigrants living in the U.S. who face deportation. “There are people who will listen to them and to others that you are ready to deal with the change.