The Ex-James-Bond-quotes by Margot Robbie in as the next 007


The owner of the title of the James Bond 007 – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969), the american actor, George Lazenby, gave an interview to the british newspaper, The Sun, and he gave his opinion on the latest discussions with the undercover agent to be experienced by a woman. It is not only agreed upon until it has come up with a name for the role.

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“There’s an australian actress that is very popular at the moment, and I saw her talking on TV the other day. With Margot Robbie. It would be good for the role. It’s bold, it displays a high level of confidence. People will always believe that you are able to do something by doing it this way,” he said.

In the meantime, Barbara Broccoli, the producer of the franchise since 1995, said in an interview with Variety magazine that, “James Bond can be any color, but he is a man.”

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According to her, women need to have a new character, so strong, and did not need to reuse one that already exists in the skin of men.

“I think that we have to create a new character, the female characters are strong. In particular, I’m not interested in taking advantage of a male character and a woman to interpret for him.”

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The new feature on the british spy, 007 – No Time To Die, it marks the last performance from Daniel Craig as the protagonist, and you would have your posting done in the last week of march, but suffered a postponement due to a pandemic of a new coronavirus. The new date is announced in the social networks has been that of the 12th of November, in the world.