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It is true that there are many volunteers from the north to the south of the country to which they have devoted much of their time that they spend in the home, fulfilling the social isolation that is recommended by the Government for the manufacture of masks, cogulas or protections for the feet and lower legs, which will then be donated to the health-care professional. In the example that is described in the post is that we introduce below, it could be just another one of those things, but it’s not.

An example of a publication is false about the student’s advisory committee.

Let’s go by parts. The publication gives an account of Jane Sousa,” a student in the third year of the course in Art and Design at the University of Coimbra, which is to produce “hundreds of hats” from your home, to be distributed to the hospitals in the region. In the description that follows of two images: one of a woman and the other an industrial unit for the production of the masks.

In the photo, the woman is Mia Khalifa, a former porn actress whose image has been used to disseminate content false one among them that was identified as the winner of the competition of the projects of the nuclear physics in moscow, whom he had not been given the due prominence for being a football player, or don’t show the body. And no, it’s Jane Sousa,” the third-year student in the diploma of Arts and Design at the University of westminster in london.

In the image below that shows all the masks in the production, as well as it is easy to see through the machinery to see if it is a unit of mass-production (manufacturing), and not from the house. It is very easy for you to find a picture on the web pages, since the page Extravenezuela” a page on Facebook titled “the Respiratory Face Masks For Sale”, even though it has been cut down to be used in the publication of Facebook.

The complete image is used in the publication to Facebook is found by searching in Google

Despite the fact that the information can be totally false, of the University of Coimbra (UC), launched at the end of the first quarter for the platform, ‘ – UC ‘ Against Covid-19‘, in order to aggregate all of the projects in the research and innovation of the university related to the purposes and in the fight against the pandemic, and it has many researchers, and it staff to work on various projects. From a fan low-cost for the production of cogulas, and the protection of the feet and lower legs from your home. The aim of the platform is to bring together all the initiatives to deal with the problems of the region and of the country they were born in the laboratories of the university.

Even though we have not found any record of the alleged Jane Smith, here are those who might be working from your home. It is an example of a six-member team of Space-the Sewing of the Social Action Services of the University of Coimbra, which is to produce a cogulas and sobrebotas to the Hospital, and the University of Coimbra (CHUC). The CHUC has provided the material and the mold, and all six of the professionals of the university have put their hands into the machines in order to produce the final pieces.

The school also stitching Mary’s Dressmaking is to create a cogulas and sobrebotas to be distributed to the hospitals in the country, dressmakers, and tailors, volunteers from all over the country to help in post-production. More recently, the founder of Mary’s Dressmaking, We Bibe released the video to produce the masks, but I was aware that the fabric is commonly used does not protect you at all, as for the surgical masks, or with a valve on which it continues to be a shortage in the market, both nationally and internationally.

In addition to the cogulas and sobrebotas, there are companies on the national level, they begin to redirect their lines of production, thus giving priority to the hiv pandemic. The plants of the mould in the Navy and the Great factories of the textile and shoes, in Oliveira de Azeméis, there are a myriad of initiatives that the companies with manufacturing plants in the country, with the aim of supporting those who are on the front line of the fight against the Covid-19. However, I never found a reference to Jane Smith, who studied at the University of westminster in london.

The images and text published on the Facebook regarding the alleged student, Joana Sousa, is completely false. This is Mia Khalifa, and there is no record of a student at the University of Coimbra, which is the in-house, to produce “hundreds of hats”. The University has created a platform to aggregate the information on all the initiatives taken by the institution in response to the issues raised by the pandemic, the Covid-19, but on the web site of the university Against Covid-19 there are no data on the production of skins from the home of any member of the class.

Thus, according to the classification system of the Observer, that is:

FALSE: the major claims of the content that are factually inaccurate. In general, this corresponds to the classification of “false” or “mostly false”, on the site of the verifiers of the facts.

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