“The House of Paper: what is the theory about Tokyo, do you believe in? Cast your Vote


If you are not included “The House of Paper“there are three things you need to know: the events of the series took place in the past, everything has gone wrong, and it is Tokyo (Ursula Corbero) is the one responsible for telling all this story to tell us. For those who assist in the production of the Netflix and he is obsessed by everything that surrounds this story, as well as a good part of the u.s. -sure, you already know about some of the theories that surround the character. There are a few, however, are the three which divide the opinions of the crowd. For example, many people believe that the robber was the only one that survived from all of this the most. Still others feel that only one has escaped or is imprisoned. So, what do you believe? Cast your Vote:

As you may already know that everything that has gone wrong in the “House of Paper” on the theory of the most popular, says that in Tokyo, is the only survivor, and that I would be telling all of your prison term. Still, there are those who believe that Tokyo is, in fact, it’s the only one who managed to escape from the police and are let go, other than that of their peers of a crime. But, as fans, love to create, what is there to believe that she is the only one stuck here. Well, there are many ideas, some not-so-different as well, but the other part of the public believes that the fact that Tokyo is the retelling of some of the events of the “House of Paper”, don’t put it at the heart of this story. After all, the episodes are not counted by the point-of-view. So, what do you believe?

When the premiere of the 5th season of “House of Paper”?

If you’ve ever watched the fourth year of the “House of Paper”, for sure you are looking forward to attending another one. A good addition to the Series that have not yet renewed the show, and the world is passing through a peculiar situation because of the pandemic of the coronavirus. That is, several productions have been stalled, and there is no date set for return. So, even if it’s a new year, it is confirmed a premiere date should not appear any time soon.