“the new is in the back,” he says Oli Sykes on the new album


For Igor Miranda, Source: Loudwire
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Vocalist Oli Sykes has revealed (or teased), which will bring in the vocals, death growls in the back of the Bring Me The Horizon. The singer also spoke about the resumption of the approach, which led to the band’s first in a video released on social media.

BMTH: band released the album surprise, surprise (with the title of the giant)Slayer: it’s best not to mess with the family of Tom Araya…

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In the footage, Bring Me The Horizon introduces a few of the recordings of the upcoming full-length album. At one point, Oli Sykes has started working on the lyrics for a song that will be guttural. Then he jokes: “the new is in the back, and 2020 is the year of the new.

Perhaps, the guttural is not to be taken up at the Bring Me The Horizon-or maybe they are just used in a song, but the video certainly is, it’s meant to show off a little of the work of the band in the studio. Please see the following:

the youtube player

In the midst of the 2019 a lot of work, for the Bring Me The Horizon has released in the last few days of the year, album, by surprise, without prior notice to you, titled “Music to listen to~to dance to the~as to the~pray-to~the feed to the~to sleep to~talk to~are to~trip to~war-to~help to~the huntress, to,~then scroll to~the roll to~love to~hate-to~learn to fly~plot to~play-to~be to~feel to~breed with to~sweat to~dream (to~to hide the to~live to~die-to~GO-TO”.

To advertise for the bands and the concert for the Rock and Heavy Metal music

With 8 tracks, 75 minutes, all in all, the album features appearances from Halsey Happyalone., Toriel, Yonaka, the Lotus Eater, and Bexey. The music is even more experimental than usual, and it explores a lot of influence from electronic music.

The trip to Brazil to perform at the festival and Lollapalooza, the band, Matt Nicholls, said in an interview with the Omelet, which should be overcome is the fact that of Bring Me The Horizon, don’t be a metal band. The band has released the album ‘Love”, also by 2019, however in the the month of January, and brings it to your attention, for you have come even further from pop and electronic music.

To advertise for the bands and the concert for the Rock and Heavy Metal music

Nicholls dealt with the subject, after the mention of one of the songs on the album, titled ‘Heavy Metal’, in the words of criticism of the supposed fans who left the track on the Bring Me The Horizon just because they have turned away from heavy music. “(The pitch letter), it’s nothing serious. The people they are talking to online, things are as they are not heavy metal’, and we don’t, people need to get over it. They need to come and see you instead of writing what we should be putting out an album as our first,” he said at the time.