The new Mutants (including time to get to the movie theater


While a variety of productions, from the Marvel comics, they had their debut rescheduled for Disney on Friday (3), The New Mutants it follows that without a date certain, to reach out to the cinemas and, according to the Deadline. The film had the release been postponed because of the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

The New Mutants it was filmed in the fall of 2017, and over the years, the film was directed by Josh Boone it was postponed until several successive times, but prior to the pandemic, it was expected to make his debut this week in the 1st of April of each year.

According to the synopsis for the feature, the five young mutants who are still discovering their powers, are held in a location against his or her will. They are struggling to escape from its mistakes of the past and of themselves. The team is made up of Lupina (Maisie Williams), Magic (Anya Taylor-Joy), Sunspot (Henry On The Back), Missile (Charlie Heatonand ReceptionThe Blu-Um). Already, brazil Alice Braga it interprets the Dra. and Cecilia Reyes.

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