‘The rescue’: a film with Chris Hemsworth gets trailer-Netflix – 07/04/2020


Netflix released today the trailer for ‘Redemption’ film starring Chris Hemsworth (Thor), who arrives at the platform, on the 24th of April.

In manufacturing, it lives on in the fierce mercenary Tyler Rake, you have nothing to lose when they are recruited to rescue the son of a crime boss international, who has been kidnapped.

The director is Sam Hargrave, stunt coordinator that has worked with Hemsworth on the various titles in the Marvel universe. Already, the screenplay is by Joe Russo, who with his brother Anthony, he has directed “the Avengers: Ultimatum”.

In addition to Hemsworth, the cast counts, with David Harbour (the Hopper is of “Stranger Things”). On Twitter, the star of Marvel comics, said he hopes that the film will “give a little bit of entertainment while we are all at home because of the pandemic of the new coronavirus.