The role of the streaming – uk


Tv shows and movies from the streaming platforms, has proven to be a great tool to help during that period of isolation as a result of the pandemic of the coronavirus. In the month of April this year, many productions are going on the books of the platforms in order to “move” the file to quarantine.

Credit: HandoutIn the series, the house of Paper comes to its fourth season and attracts more and more fans in BrazilIn the series, the house of Paper comes to its fourth season and attracts more and more fans in Brazil

The news have come to appeal to all audiences, new seasons of the series, religious movies of all kinds, and even the releases of platforms like Quibi.

On the proposal of the Quibi is a platform for streaming video is focused only on mobile phones with short videos up to ten minutes. Companies such as Sony Pictures, Disney and Warner Bros. are investing in a platform that already has an agreement with the well known names in film industry such as director Steven Spielberg. Stars such as Jennifer Lopez, LeBron James, Liam Hemsworth, Reese Witherspoon, and Sophie Turner will be starring in a few titles. Posted in Brasil on Monday (6), Quibi will be signing in the amount of R$ 32,90 / month, with a trial period free of charge for up to 90 days.

In the Series of the releases, they come with names such as the fourth season of the show, the Spanish ‘House of Paper’, which was launched on Friday (3). You also have the premiere of the film Sergio, the production of the states on the brazilian diplomat Sergio Vieira de Mello, who is played by the actor Wagner Moura. The title comes to the platform on the 17th.

On HBO Go, the latest developments are at the expense of the series ‘Run,’ ‘ I Know This Much Is True. The first one is from the same creators of the Fleabag in time, the latter has the well-known actor Mark ruffalo’s hairstyles playing the twins. The premiere is scheduled for December 12 and 27, respectively.

On Amazon Prime Video in the series, ‘Tales from the Loop, had its first season released on the last day of the 2. Already, the tried and true series, zombies, ‘The Walking Dead’ arrives, with its ninth season on Thursday (9th). The next day, the 21st, the Amazon and brings the first season of ‘NOS4A2’ series where the main character is portrayed by Ashleigh Cummings has supernatural powers and has to deal with a villain that’s immortal. The Globoplay brings you to the catalogue in April, a large number of novelties such as the series of All of the Women in the World’, ‘Chicago Med’ and a ‘Seal – Team-Soldiers of the’Elite’.

Productions that arrive in April

The House of Paper

Season 4

Netflix – 03/04

The well-known series in Spanish about a group of thieves comes to his part. This season, the gang face trouble, and the new enemies and attempt to complete the robbery at the Bank of Spain.


Netflix – 17/04

The production features the history and work of the brazilian diplomat Sergio Vieira de Mello. The movie shows the many challenges he faced as a member of the united nations in areas of conflict around the world. The main role is played by Wagner Moura.

Expertise Compromised.

The 1st Season

Netflix – 01/04

The documentary series tells the story of a season in the United States that, if a viciou drugs that apreendia. The production of behind-the-scenes, and the cases were merged and set up the courts, and the department of investigation in the us.

Tales from the Loop

The 1st season

Amazon – 03/04

A new science fiction series on Amazon that discusses the works of Swedish artist Simon Stålenhag. In a town full of mysteries, and if you play out various emotional experiences.

The Walking Dead

The 9th Season

Amazon – 09/04

The famous series in the world from the zombies return for another year of adventure, action and conflict in this scenario is post-apocalyptic. After a brief moment of peace, the characters will have to deal with new challenges.

After The Live

Season 2

Netflix – 24/4

The series tells the story of a widower, Tony, comes into his second year. The protagonist has yet to face the challenges and struggles because of the loss of his wife.


The 1st season

HBO – 12/04

The series tells the story of a woman who completely changes after you get a message from her ex-boyfriend from college. It is a call to go to New York city to fulfill a deal made 17 years ago.

I Know This Much Is True

The 1st season

HBO – 27/04

The series depicts different moments in the life of Brother Thomas, the twin brothers played by Mark ruffalo’s hairstyles. All the stories passing through the years of the 1990s, until the arrival of the players at a certain age.