The routine of care of a skin, Millie Bobby Brown, has only 4 in it.


The actress showed just how you are taking care of your skin while you are in the house

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Millie Bobby Brown it is such a passion for skincare that is to have a line of its own called the Florence-by the Mills there is no doubt that your routine of care would increase during social isolation. The actress, who became well-known for his role in the Stranger Things has shared a video on IGTV, with his sister-in-law, Rachel, and told you their products are little darlings at the time, to take care of your skin!

For this reason, in the first step, Millie and Rachel had applied to the duo of shades such so-called 16 Wishes-Better Together it costs$ 22 (US$ 115). While the actress has opted for a version of the calming mask, your sister-in-law decided to go to a detox for the skin.

After you have done this, and it lasted for about 30 minutes, Millie and apply a moisturizer Dreamy Dewif it costs$14 ($70) and soon after she squirted the spray Zero’s Point Of View In The Face Of Tthat will calm down your skin. The product is one of the most inexpensive of the collection, care, costing as little as$ 10 (a$ 50 value). In the end, the cat ends up moisturizing your lips with your oil With Glow Yeah ($14/$70).

The cool thing about the Shirts is that the part of thethe net profit is donated to the Foundation Of Her Hope,that helps for children with cancer. Unfortunately the product they are sold exclusively in the Other Beauty, shop the make-up of north america, which brings together the various brands in the Sephora, you know?” But they don’t deliver in Brazil. 😦

It is well to remember that it gives you super-tune the ones that they sell here in Brazil, and it may even be cheaper in money. Ok. It’s just to browse the internet without even leaving the house), the firms that produce similar products and promise you results you like! can

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