The stars of ‘the Descendants’ and reveal the information with regard to the alleged continuation of the franchise


Since it is the third installment of the ‘The descendants‘ it had its premiere in August of 2019 at the latest, the question that all fans are asking is: “will the third movie?”

For those who don’t remember, the third movie in the franchise was released a few weeks ago of the death of one of the principal actors, and Cameron Boyce who tragically lost his life after a seizure epileptic.

In a recent interview with the J-14the Australian actor Last Of The Mohicans, Hope who plays Ben, Florian in ‘the Descendants’, he said that there is always a hope for a new film, “It’s a great franchise, and it was so much fun to be a part of it. There are a few things that I don’t even know. There is always a chance that on the horizon. I would be delighted to do so. Up until now, I haven’t heard anything, but I love to interpret it, Ben,” said the actor.


It already Dove Cameron he admitted that he would have feelings of confused on to star in a movie of the series, “what’s happened has been so incredibly painful for all of us, and it’s something that we were not able to recover from it, then I think that the idea of doing another film, although he is nostalgic for all of us, and it is in the healing of a variety of ways, it can also be super wrong. It can be either way and it depends on how we’re feeling, and I think that is the most beautiful that Disney has done is they have created a safe space for the squad to be where you want it to be. They cancelled it when Cameron is gone, and I know what they want, which is of interest to us, so we’ll see. I doubt it, but we’ll see,” said the Dove to the HollywoodLife.

In an interview with the Entertainment Tonight, Gibson said, do you think it has the potential for a new film in the franchise is happening, and that it is not out of the question, “yes, Yes, I think that there is a world in which [um quarto filme de Descendentes] it happens. I can’t be sure of anything, but I definitely think it’s a possibility. There is nothing that I can say for sure, but I definitely can’t say that it’s not out of the question! Don’t love the idea of doing this without Cameron, I don’t know what would be the plot, and I don’t know how it would be, but I do love the franchise and I love Kenny Ortega [Diretor dos filmes]and I also love Disney and the show’s cast. I loved that time in my life.”


Sofia Carson it also opened up the possibility of a fourth film in The “franchise ‘Descendants’ has changed all of our lives. I think that any of us can imagine doing this without Cameron,” she said to the Entertainment Tonight. ” But to u, I love Evie. Who knows what the future holds in store.”

A statement by the People Magazine That, she told me that you don’t know of a possible new film in the series, because it does not see the possibility of not being with the four of Her, His Dove, and Booboo Stewart (together, ”and I couldn’t imagine doing this without him. But I do appreciate that people like it so much to the franchise, they would like to see it continue. I love Evie, but they are in the top four for good.”