The True Profile of a young man, Marco de Canaveses, which manufactures face masks for protection, it is a fake


In light of the current hiv pandemic lived in the country, and the consequent lack of protection for the professionals of the health care debate, there have been many of the citizens and the manufacturing of masks, cogulas or protections for the feet, and legs, giving it then to those who need it most. While some of these benefactors remain anonymous, while others are informed (in the first person, or third-party social networks.

This could be a case of “carter”, an alleged student of architecture and a candidate for the IT. in the municipality of Marco de Canaveses. In this case, the word “purported” and quotation marks are explained for a very simple reason: the falsity of the story. While it was possible to identify the person that is described in the publication – that appears at the end of the story – it does not exist.

The lie is easily taken apart for the picture that is used, which is, in fact, shows Mia Khalifa, a former porn actress. The image is of a young man born in Lebanon, also known as Mia Callista – that has, in fact, been shown to be widespread in the false publication in the social networks, such as Joan Sousa,” a student in the third year of the course in Art and Design at the University of Coimbra’s profile whose deception the viewer tried to prove it.

However, the document includes several shares, and some of them are, to be on the job, other people will believe in what is written in the post.

It is certain that, in the middle of a State of Emergency, as some people take advantage of them to help out as they can in the fight against the COVID-19, but in other cases, it is clear that there is a “lot more time”.