True, the daughter Khloé Kardashian, converted into the most tender mini mom


For Khloé Kardashian the days at home could not be more fun, as it has to his side his little True, who with his charm and occurrences has made this quarantine will be more enjoyable. Despite his young age, this little one has left to see what that is protective by taking care of their dollsand apparently it is an instinct that also brings out with his little cousin Psalmthe youngest son of Kim Kardashian. “The qualities of the elder sister of True shine when he is with his little cousin Psalm”, recently told a source to the magazine Life & Style. “Khloé is seen in her and her dynamic with Rob in True and Psalm”added the informant in reference to the relationship of Koko with his brother. Now, the celeb 34-year-old has shared with fans an adorable video that confirms what loving and caring is her daughter, because it does not separate nor a minute of her dolls, play food, the walks, and even them brushing the hair. These toys, along with their Trolls are the favorites of True, they have names of very special honour to her and her famous mother: TuTu and KoKo. The clip you shared Khloé showed a little bit of your daughter’s confusion about how to call each one of the dolls, however, this does not detract from tenderness to the way he treats them. Click on the video to see the True converted into an adorable mini-mom.

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