Video Kylie Jenner and her spectacular Valentine’s day gift, who was Rosalia or Drake


Love knocked on the door of Kylie Jenner this Valentine’s Day and not only that, if you are not invaded all the house of beautiful sunflowers. As many pointed out on social networks, the gift of Valentine of the socialite is all a dream.

It was the same sister of Kim Kardashian who bragged about the beautiful present in social networks, but who would be so generous sender?, a lot of it has been linked to Rosalia with Kylie, to the extent that internet users will come to insinuate something more, but it’s definitely the most suspicious is Drake.

In the images circulating in social networks you can see hundreds of sunflowers in the house of the model, and businesswoman, even a bow beautiful heart-shaped, the house is dressed in a beautiful shade of yellow ever fall in love with anyone.

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Kylie Jenner also pointed out the detail of a dream, which was supplemented with some chairs next to the fireplace, a sign that whoever sent the detail very probably, the company was in Jenner that special day.

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What many have speculated is that also the flowers could come from Travis Scottthe father of his little Stormi and with whom he has been shown to have a very good relationship, as seen in the most recent small birthday.

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Kylie and Stormi become easily viral on social networks because they are both beautiful have a life that for many is “dream” and great possessions, that more than one note. To test the birthday party Stormi, that was really great and spectacular and which was a constant see the face of the beautiful girl in all parties.