“We are pleased that you have you”, Justin Bieber is grateful for the professional health care services to combat the coronavirus


On Friday, 03 April the singer Justin Bieber he has published a video on Instagram to show their appreciation and gratitude to all health care professionals who are involved in fighting the coronavirus COVID19.

In the video, Bieber, the 26, appear by the side of his wife, Hailey, 23, “Hailey and I have just had this one thought in mind: to Say thank you to all the staffs of the hospitals. Keeping in mind that the people you are working with at that time, put at risk to help others. You guys are all amazing and we appreciate you all, and I know that a lot of people also like you…. So, thank youstarted Bieber on the post, shared it with her, which is 131 million followers on Instagram.

Check out the lyric video below:

Up-to-date Already on the 4th day of April, Bieber has made a post, in the know, Instagram, suggesting that it is preparing a campaign to support further stepped up in the fight against the pandemic. Check it out:

“As we all know, things are now uncertain and endlessly… Our own routines, and structures, and the plans are all changed because of a nasty virus that this is sweeping over our nation. There are people out there who have lost loved ones, and also to the people who are fighting for their lives. I woke up today with a healthy, for which I am very grateful to you, but I know that there were people who did not, agreed as well. I just wrote this to see what people who are not having luck in dealing with it. I want to tell you that Hailey and I are praying for you, we are praying for those of you who have experienced a loss, and to all of those who are experiencing great discomfort due to this virus. We understand that there are a lot of people that can’t financially sustain it in the house now, for people who don’t know how they’re going to pay your bills. There are people out there experiencing extreme anxiety and worry. We are currently working on ways to help those who are in financial crises and we will notify you how you, too, can help. We love you and we’re in this together.”

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