Wonder woman 1984: Lego unveils the new look of the character, and Kristen Wiig – News in film


Arrive soon on August!!

One of the most anticipated releases of the year, Wonder Woman 1984 and won his own set of LEGO’s, and it came with a spoiler. With the effigies of Diana (Gal Gadot), Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal), and dr. Barbara Minerva (Kristen Wiig), is a fresh new look, and this is the first time I see the video of This, in the form of Wiig.

The two pictures show Wonder Woman with armor, a golden eagle, Maxwell, with his classic suit, and Barbara, such as Cheeta, the white hair, the face, with markings similar to those of a cheetah, and even a tail. Take a look at the pictures below.

Directed by Patty Jenkins Wonder Woman 1984 if it takes place during the Cold War, and yet, no one knows what is in the plot, we do know that she’s going to have two enemies, the Maxwell, is a businessman who works in the field of television entertainment, and to Barbara Minerva, who begins his journey, as a friend of Diana’s, to make This. Without letting it fall into the temptations of new technology and new means of communication, he / she will have to defeat the duo, with the help of Steve (Chris Pine), who somehow is still alive.

The film also features a return-of-Robin-Wright-as Antiope, and Connie Nielsen as Hippolyta, in addition to the new members of the cast-Ravi Patel, and Natasha Rothwell. Wonder Woman 1984 it has its premiere scheduled for August 13.