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My “gold rush” this week, the adventure involved cinebiografias the stars of the musicsuch as, Ray Charles, Tim Maia, and Freddie Mercury. I missed a few of the films, because I was not able to find it), as the We Are So Young about Renato Russo and Tina (Turner). The following are, however, a fifteen-tip: jazz, rock, MPB, pop, british.

Get on Up > For the life of James Brown has gained momentum, especially through the action area from Chadwick Boseman, in the style as the Black Panther. The story travels from his childhood, a turbulent and consolidation is one of the most important names in soul music. The soundtrack hits such as I Got You (I Feel Good) and Sex-Machine. iTunes Movies, Play.

Gainsbourg > In a Paris occupied by the germans during the second World War, the boy in the Top of Serge Gainsbourgit felt like a man, painting scenes of the erotic and smoking a cigarette. In the next few decades, it has become the composer of the song popularized by a female voice, and it is built impressively by Eric Elmosnino. Globoplay.

Johnny & June > In his first nomination for the academy award for best actor, Joaquin Phoenix, fascinated, as the king of country music Johnny Cash (1932-2003), author of “Folsom Prison Blues”, seen here as a path to self-destruction. Reese Witherspoon is his wife, the singer June Carter, who has had a lot of importance in your career. Google Play, iTunes, and Looke.

Reese Whiterspoon and Joaquin Phoenix in the Johnny and June

Reese Whiterspoon and Joaquin Phoenix’s Johnny and June (Non-Disclosure)

Bohemian Rhapsody > The winner of the academy award for best actor, Rami Malek, “embodied” Freddie Mercury perfect. The script covers the life of a pop idol in the period from 1970 to 1985. It begins with the first appearance of the singer at a pub in London, and ends in a way apoteótica in the rock music concert Live Aid, at Wembley Stadium. Telecine Play Telecine by NOW.

Elis > In the movie, pincela ups and downs of a great singer Elis Regina and it has, in the performance of Andreia Horta is its greatest asset. The voice acting is impeccable in hand on the stage, and on the ways out of the way and, in particular, to all appearances, the result of make-up and lighting is stunning, the actress received the award at the Gramado film Festival, will light up. Movies and Play Globoplay.

England Is Mine > Don’t expect to hear This Charming Man or is The’s the Boy with the Thorn in His Sidememorable hits from the Smiths. The focus is on the youth of his band, Samplepaper by Jack Lowden. In Manchester in 1976, Stephen Patrick, a young man is unemployed and depressed, who writes letters to moody, and you have the company of a single friend of mine. Amazon Prime Video.

Gonzaga — De Pai pra Filho > The itinerary is focused on the direction and the music Luiz Gonzaga (1912-1989), and to Gonzaguinha (1945-1991). The focus is on the relationship bitter between the father and the son, and it starts with a reunion in the 1980’s. Gonzagão, the singer of the Wing is White, and the star has already fallen, at the home of the son, and that’s a big hit on the radio. Globoplay and the Movies Play.

La Bamba > Perhaps you are familiar with the music La Bamba (“To dance la bamba”), but it’s not their lead singer. Ritchie Valensamerican ancestry in mexico, he was only 17 years old when he died in a plane crash in 1959. Rock-star, Valens won a hit movie in 1987, and is a perfect activity for the then rookie, Lou Diamond Phillips. Netflix.

Ray > The winner of the academy award for best actor, Jamie Foxx is excellent as the Ray Charlesthe master of the rhythm and blues music, which became the immortal songs, his voice, like Georgia On My Mind and Unchain My Heart”. Netflix.

Jamie Foxx, academy award winner, he plays Ray Charles

Jamie Foxx, academy award winner, he plays Ray Charles (Non-Disclosure)

My Reputation’s Bad > The story begins with a Erasmo Carlos (Chay Suede), trying to make a career in music, even in the early days. It appears, then, that the chance to work on the radio with Carlos Imperial. From here, Erasmus begins to take off, it is an unlikely radio host, is a partner of Roberto Carlos, Gabriel, Leo). Telecine Play Telecine by NOW.

Tim Maia > Successfully on to the CUSTOMERS, Babu Santana as she played, such as a hurricane, the singer wonders, as the The blue Color of the Sea and Peace. For the life of the Tim Maia it is seen from childhood, through adolescence, to glory, to dive into the drugs. It is in the Globoplay the Canal Brasil it displays the movie on this Friday (10th) at 22: 30 on a Saturday (the 11th), at 13, and then on Sunday (12th) at 9 am.

Highly dangerous > Wilson Simonal (1938-2000), as interpreted by The Boliveira, it has been discovered by Miele and Bôscoli, who had recorded an album and scored a hit. The biography has a special re-creation of the era, with a protagonist who, in spite of the lack of physical resemblance, convicts, and a tour of the island high and low for the “king of the girlfriend”. Telecine Play Telecine for NOW.

Sid & Nancy – Love Kills > Chloe Webb, Gary Oldman, interpret, Nancy Spungen, and Sid Vicious. He was the lead singer of the punk band the Sex Pistols in the u.k. in the late ‘ 70s. Getting to know Nancy, Sid was a life and career go down the drain because of drugs and alcohol. A cinebiografia is surrounded by controversy. Arts a la Carte menu.

Rocketman > For the license lines to which the music of Elton John and fit them in at some point in their career. But the screenplay takes care to show his childhood, his adolescence, youth and maturity, of an artist, until her arrival at the rehabilitation facility, back in the early 90’s. Great, in the role of the main character, Taron Egerton sing with his voice, the hits, as Your Song, Crocodile Rock, Tiny Dancer, Rocketman and Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me. Telecine Premiumthis Saturday (the 11th), 22h. Or Telecine Play Telecine by NOW.

Cazuza > The history of Cazuza, one of the greatest songwriters of brazilian pop from the ‘ 80s, since the early days with the band, Red Baron, and even death as a result of Aids in 1990. iTunes.

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