6 movies of dark to watch (or not) of easter – Welcome to the cinema


The features it carries the symbols of the most popular of the holiday in a special way.

There are two things that come to mind when we think of easter: Chocolate bunnies. These do not represent fully the religious significance of the date, however, have become cultural symbols of the celebration.

For this reason, we have separated the six films that don’t necessarily have to talk about the holiday, but they have the characteristics that are inherent in the celebrations of the christian. In rabbits, the supernatural, the leporídeos accused of a crime, here’s a selection of the following:

1. Donnie Darko

Anyone who has watched or heard of Donnie Darko, you’ve probably come across a picture of a rabbit-a giant, scary appearing in the film. The film, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, talks about a teenage girl who is haunted by a creature that is forced to commit a crime.

Full of metaphors about the war, and a plot trick, Donnie Darko draw, it scares you and it breaks our heads. It’s not exactly a work to celebrate the start of passover, however, it may appeal to those who don’t want to let the date go blank, then celebrating in a way very unusual.

2. Well With The Real World

The only similarity between the passover and the Well, Rabbit is the title of the film. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be watching it this weekend, or on any other date. Directed by Taika Waititi, the film follows Jojo, a 10 year old boy, fascinated by the young man.

Well With The Real World (2020)

However, he is in love with a jewish girl, who ends up breaking up with their ideal cast. Full of irônia, all sequences are inventive, the work carried out by the Roman Griffin and Scarlett Johansson can bring joy in times of darkness.

3. The Fantastic factory of Chocolate

This is the most cliché on the list. However, it is not in the least, bizarre. We are all familiar with the story of The Fantastic and the Chocolate Factory: A young boy humble to get the chance to get to know the notorious factory of Willy Wonka, a rare opportunity among the people.

However, in the remake, played by Johnny Depp and directed by Tim Burton, is the bizarre attitude which pushes all the boundaries. The inside of the walls of the factory, and we can see the dwarves dancing deadly traps, and even a squirrel revenge.

In case you aren’t confused by the end of the experiment, at least, you might be inspired to eat chocolate, and enjoy the rest of the country.

4. Peter Rabbit

This is the film to be more accessible to the family on the list. In it, we love a rebel who wants to break into the garden of the plants of a farmer. After that, he can’t, Peter will have to compete with other animals in the care of animal welfare, and a lover of animals.

5. Who framed Roger Rabbit

Who framed Roger Rabbit was revolutionary upon its release. It has been a long pioneer in the mix design and the live-action movie, in a single piece. Directed by Robert Zemeckis (Of Back To the Future), the film is about about a bunny who needs to prove his innocence after he was accused of the murder.

Definitely inappropriate for children and young people-Roger Rabbit, you can start a laugh for those who enjoy the humor sharper.

6. Rabbits

To close with a golden key, we are in the middle-feature film Rabbitsdirected by David Lynch. When you go to a play, to give up the search for meaning. The work is an experimental and puzzling of Going along with the Empire of your Dreams.

The story is simple: Three human heads, the rabbit were living in a city where you’ve never been to the rain, and keeping it a secret, scary. The format of the production is the style of situation: you See everything going on at one angle, and that there is an audience that is invisible and reacting to the scene as well.

Watch Rabbits it is an unforgettable day: We hosted the dialogues, disjointed, images of the demonic, and in a climate of constant discomfort. It may not be exactly in the spirit of what you are looking for in a holiday, but think on the bright side: At least we’re seeing the rabbit.

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