‘Animals are Awesome’ After assaulting a fan, Ezra Miller, you can be fired from the franchise


In accordance with the WGTC, Ezra Miller you may be subject to dismissal from the franchise ‘Amazing Animalsafter being caught abusing a fan in Canada.

The information has come from the same source, which revealed the presence of a Mask ‘Space Jam 2, which is confirmed by images leaked.

It was said that the Warner Bros. already thinking of a way to get rid of the character Miller, Credence Barebone, turned out to Aurelius, He is in ‘The Crimes of the Grindelwald’.

As a result, it would not be a surprise if Aurelius is killed in the next movie, which would fit in perfectly with the absence of, or mentioned in the movies and in the books of the saga ‘In The Harry Potter Series’.

Up to the present time, there is nothing confirmed, but the Warner Bros. you must do everything it can to avoid another wave of criticism, as happened a few years ago.

For those who don’t remember, and many fans have been critical of the studio, and have threatened to boycott the franchise after that Johnny Depp he continued that has been confirmed as the villain in Grindelwald, despite being accused of domestic violence Amber Heard.

Noting that it was created by one of the undersigned at the Change.org asking for it Miller to be replaced in the role as the Flash in the upcoming movie of hero.

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A portion of the document, the author has to say:

“This incident reflects poorly on the image of the character. The Flash is a hero of mine, preferred the ‘Justice league of america‘ and a very bad attitude Ezra Miller does not fit in the tank. How to Warner Bros. it is responsible for the next video in the Flash, and the representatives of the studio, they must take the necessary steps to replace it Miller all of your projects, includingAmazing Animals 3‘. The Warner bros. no one can defend an abuser, no matter who he is.”

The document that was created a short time ago, there is not yet a sufficient number of signatures to get the attention of the Warner bros.that still has not ruled on the issue.

Check out the time Miller one day the fan:

“Do you want to fight?”, he says he is.

In accordance with the The Sidethe fight happened in front of a bar in Iceland, after a fan asked the actor about the scars on his face, as a result of an accident in one of his fight scenes.

By the looks of it, the fan kicked on and he said that I could beat him if they brigassem, but the actor took a joke seriously and went to the top of the woman.

The man who was shooting said that the young woman thought it was a joke, but Miller with the dragged across the floor, and she didn’t want to let go of it, even the security guards from the bar broke up the fight.

Even so, he remained sitting there for 10 minutes staring at the girl, as they waited for the arrival of the police.

So far, details have not been revealed, and the actor has not yet commented on the matter.

Remembering that Miller will reprise his role as the Flash in the The year 2022.

In pre-production on the film was scheduled to begin soon, but due to the delicate point, the work had to be stopped.

According to the coordinator, stuntmen, Eunice Huthart, for your next project, it would beThe Flash‘ – it would begin in April of this year. However, all suspended, with no date of return.

In an interview with the ScreenRantshe revealed:

“The project that I was going to get was a ‘The Flash’. It was for me to get on the end of the month of April, beginning of may. But right now, I don’t know what’s going to happen with this one.”

Flash‘, a film on the cd that is in the starring by Ezra Millerwon the date of the first.

Directed by By Andy Muschietti (‘It’s Thing’), the production has had its release scheduled for Warner Bros. for the day The 1st of July, in the year 2022.

This will also be available soon.

In the past, Muschietti he talked about the production.

“I was delighted at the Flash, it’s the human drama in it. The feelings and emotions of people are part of the drama of it. It will be a lot of fun, too. I can’t promise you that you will have the elements of scary, but you’ll get a beautiful, human story.”

By Christina Hodsonfrom ‘The birds-of-Prey‘, it is the responsibility of rewriting the screenplay.

Originally, I planned to be an adaptation of ‘theFlashpoint‘ the possibility that ended up being dropped at the end of the year 2018, with the route following a line of creative, different.