Dilsinho leads the ranking for the hearing of the TVZ in march with “the Eleven and a Little bit”


On Friday, 06 march, Dilsinho will be releasing a new single, “Leave it for Tomorrow”, the first taste of the new record, the “audiovisual ” Open House”. Prior to this, he is promoting an innovative action among the fans. That is such a turn on for him?

On his Instagram, Dilsinho has released a recording of a phone call it drops down in the mailbox. “Hi, I’m trying to call you for a while, but it always falls on the answering machine. Where are you from, how is it that you can’t? Call Me,” he said.

Asking for as well, with the way, there’s no way to return, isn’t it? To this end, it has set up a link where the fans can make a pre-se, save for the single on the digital platform. Soon after, the fan has the number. Oh My God!

When you call the number, just listen to a message from the singer, who is asked to randomly choose a number between 1 and 3, each of which has a piece of music written in the design: “the Eleven and a Little bit”, “Apaixonadinho, with Firefox, and then “Leave it for Tomorrow”. It’s kind of cool, but you don’t have to wait. You can actually talk to him on the phone!

One of the men who chose the right number, he will call back and talk to the lucky, or fortunate. To date, there have been over 50,000 visits to the page, on the action to be a success!

Dilsinho revealed that in march 06, will be released on his new music project, “Open House”. Photo By: Paolo Martinelli

By 2019, the year of the singer, where he began to reap the fruits of your labor. He won the award for Best Singer of the Year Award at post-mortem takes place, he was among the top 10 artists of the year in the “melting-Pot-of-Gold” of the program Caldeirão do Huck (Globo), and was nominated in the category of ‘Singer,’ “the Trophy on Sunday – the Best of the Year 2019”, the Domingão do Faustão (Globo). He had his DVD – “the Land of the Never,” which received a certificate for the Diamond, and its songs among the top 10 most played songs of the year across all music apps. It was the first brazilian singer to record a project for an acoustic, in my studio NYC. “Bad for Business” has earned the certification from the third Diamond in the Triple, in addition to being the most performed in the genre on the radio in the past year.

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