Even that big! Kim Kardashian publishes the most huge!


It has been three peoples but that she does not care, Kim Kardashian has no measure. And not only is that your physique might not match at all to the canons established –although still like, and much – is that your idea of size has led up to your tastes in real estate. The guild has great up to the house, how often casoplón has been arranged!

Didn’t expect to see a cabin 50 yards to the style mileurista, but now that has given by advertising their home through a decorating magazine we have taken account of the delirium that is having a lot of money, more even if you apellidas Kardashian.

He says that I like the simplicity –you should understand by it something quite different to what we understand the rest – and what is certain is that your house, despite of being able to get lost in it, playing hide and seek, attention is called by the sparse on decoration not to say null and void.

Little, nothing, or very little stuff, but high ceilings and rooms for boredthat is not to say!

In addition to teach us his mansion, we’ve also discovered that to Kayne West will decorationwho likes to go to antique fairs and in the decoration project has involved him almost more than her, this man knows everything!

Much clear color, lots of light and a lot of spaces to fill that are not filled up because it doesn’t take. Or because Kim likes what sencillito… are you sure?

By the looks of it your daughter does not think the same judging by the color rosa chillón of the room and all the add-ons that are inside her…

As always with the clan, which everyone uses, a minimalist. Yes, in the styles of mini not surpassed by anyone.