Halle Berry puts the criticism in the video of the child’s heel: ‘the Fun of the innocent’


Halle Berry brushed off the criticism by posting a video of her son, Maceo, is 6 years old and trying to walk with high-heeled boots. The actress and posted them on the record, in which the child tries to climb up a flight of stairs with those shoes on her, at the end of the first quarter. “The 12th day of the quarantine,” she wrote in the caption.

However, a section of the people in the Hall don’t like to see the boy in the high heel. “I hope it’s a girl,” wrote one user, referring to the daughter of the actress, Nahla, from 12 years of age and older.

“It’s just a fun, innocent. We are trying to get to this point. Do you understand?”, you wrote the Hall in response. After that, she posted a comment filled with emojis from their laughter, making clear that the intention of the video.

The american actress, winner of an academy award nomination for “The Last Supper” has also received a lot of support from followers in the post. “My son, too, would hang out with my boots on. He says they are comfortable,” he wrote to a fan in the Summer.

“I love you so much for showing us how it is the real life of a mom with young children. Happy birthday to you — or, rather, of the two of us, to survive in the quarantine with all the children,” joked another, a follower.