Halsey is a great gift to the doctors that they are in the fight against coronavirus


In the midst of the outbreak, which the world is going through, due to the pandemic caused by the Covid-19the more well-known as a Coronaviruseslarge stocks are too much of a difference.

The main people who are put at risk in this situation are the physicians who are treating patients for the disease, and to help them with any assistance, it is very important to you.

The singer-songwriter from the north american Halsey did it with a great attitude, and has donated 100000 masks for the doctors who are on the front lines against the coronavirus in the two great hospitals. “I’ve tried to find a way to make a difference,” said the singer in a post on his Instagram.

“Every day, I am very impressed with the doctors who are on the front lines [na luta conta o COVID-19]. For the determination, selflessness and fellow-feeling for them is one of the great examples of our ability to love, and in order to survive. I am very privileged to be isolated in my home, without fear, and to work. No member of my family who is sick. With a child to feed. In a financial crisis to contend with. So, I tried to find a way to make a difference. I bought it to 100,000 masks, 3-layers, and has been certified by the FDA, with the help of the Orange International, Inc., who provided me with the shades that have been manufactured in Guangzhou, China), These masks will be given out at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Providence Saint Joseph in Latin america and the caribbean + Medical Center of USC Hospital and the Community by dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; for the professionals, the doctors and staff who are working to end this pandemic, and help to the millions of strangers who they will never meet. Please, please keep it going if you can. If you are in the front line, my heart is with you…. And I will continue to fight to help you get the support and the resources to do so.”