HBO is preparing a book not to be missed for all the subscribers; see the first appearances of April, the Connection state of Tocantins


HBO has prepared a book not to be missed for all the subscribers of the SKY in the month of
April! For viewers who do not yet have a channel, you are welcome to contact us at the phone
. Even with the quarantine, and they are some of the
the production of some of the best films and tv shows it will arrive on schedule.

Check it out below.

Once upon A Time in Hollywood – 4

The world is one of the world’s most inventive, and the copyright for the last few years, and
the most recent film to warrant a genuine treat for fans of the Seventh Art. With
Once upon A Time in Hollywood, the director imagines an alternate version of the
The 60-to-follow an actor on the decline (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his friend, stuntman
(Brad Pitt).

the film follows the daily lives of two out of the way of the world, as to the character of the
DiCaprio browsing through the different products and find the celebrities of the day, the
weird Interview, he ends up getting is a series of events connected to the
the sinister Manson Family and their service to the world. In the midst of it all, there is a
lovely tribute to the actress Sharon Tate, lived with Margot Robbie in the film.

Gloria Bell – April 11,

Moore is one of the great actresses of her generation, and delivery performance
phenomenal on the skin, for the Glory Bell. The film is a remake of the drama of the chilean
revolving around the life of the title character and his efforts to maintain a life
in a loving and sexually active, even in dealing with the challenges and obstacles in an age of
the most developed.

the film Along Through the mixture of the humor of the characters and the situations
a sadness is evident, by exploiting a simple story, but well
the surprises, in the course of the narrative. The cast also has good holdings of the
John Turturro (The Big Lebowski), Michael Cera (Scott Pilgrim versus the World)
and it deserves to be conferred.

Run – 12 April

Waller-Bridge is a name that has become quite popular and acclaimed in the
the industry of the audio-visual sector. Following on from the success of the great comedy Fleabag, and actress
and the writer returns to the Run position, a new series of fun, of humor that is a part of the
a premise is thought-provoking, and that you should surrender to situations in unusual.

In the
the history of the Run, and we follow up on the meeting between the
Billy Johnson’s (Domnhall Gleeson), and Ruby, Yet (Merritt Wever), valentine’s
at the time of the college, crossing the United States to honor an agreement made
years ago, if one of them is to send them a message that says “run”, do they
they need to be reunited with them.

Spider-man: Far from Home: 18
in April

the phenomenon of the Stars: Ultimate, the hero of Tom Holland is the first to be
an adventure on the ground with the Spider-Man: Far away from Home. The film puts Peter Parker.
and your friends are going out for a tour of Europe, where the young protagonist
try to put your responsibilities aside and focus on the passion of the
friend, the ministry of JUSTICE (as experienced by Zendaya).

dealing with the legacy of Tony Stark in the movie, just put the Spider to work
on the side of the SHIELD, which is the fighting force of the elemental creatures that can attack in different
locations around the world. At his side is the enigmatic and charismatic Mysterio,
living with a lot of energy, with Jake Gyllenhaal. It’s a film so great and full of
in the action, taking advantage of the huge potential in the villain’s grasp.

Bad Education – April 25,

After that
to carry on the role of Wolverine in the X-Men franchise for 17 years and Hugh Jackman
back to explore the projects that are more daring and dramatic, even to the praise of Bad
Education is the second film from a promising director, Cory Finley on a true story
in a controversial move and a huge scandal in the education system of the United
In the usa.

the long spins around, a superintendent of a public school who happens to be a
investigation by a young reporter, a student, expose a shocking scheme
the corruption that spans decades in the system. The cast also includes the
Oscar-winner Allison Janney (I, Decades), and the award-winning comedian, Ray
Romano (Everybody Loves Raymond).