‘House of Paper’: what to watch on Netflix, while the part 5 is not enough – 07/04/2020


The eight-episode, part 4 of “the House of Paper have been chewed mercilessly by the fans after its release last Friday on Netflix. The emotions were many, and the fear of a spoiler!), but now there’s the void while we wait for the part 5 of a series that has not even been acknowledged.

For this reason, the YOUTUBE to give you a few tips to fill that void. Movies and tv shows, all available on Netflix, which are connected with the “House of Paper” by his subjects, his pace, or his ability to seduce and engage the viewer in the story.

“An Exit from the Master”

Launched in 2003, the “Output Master” is a remake of a movie of the assault, the most celebrated of all time, “A Hit in the Italian style” (1969). While the original, starring Michael Caine, it’s not available on Netflix, the version starring Mark Wahlberg was well-praised at the time it was released, especially in the scenes of the robbery itself, the amazing, and well executed.

In the plot, Wahlberg’s Charlie Crocker, who brings together a team of the elite to rob the gold bullion from a former partner, Steve (Edward Norton), who betrayed him and left him to die in one hit before. Charlize Theron and Donald Sutherland round out the cast.

“In The Border”

A band of superstars (Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Charlie Hunnam, Garrett Hedlund, and Pedro Pascal) gets together for a movie, the assault of the epic in the “In-Boundary”. We interpret the ex-comrades of the Armed Forces, which amount to an illegal operation to take down a drug lord on the border between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, and steal all of his money in the process.

Just like the seasons, the most recent of the “House of Paper”, “Run the Border” focuses more on the consequences of the assault than to the operation itself. In spite of the backdrop of a serious and dramatic, the production, directed by J. C. Chandor (“The Year of the Most Violent”) also accounts for the action scenes exciting.

“Logan’s Lucky: a Theft in the Family,”

In the atmosphere, more laid-back than that of the other tips on the list, “Logan Lucky: a Theft in the Family,” marked the return of director Steven Soderbergh’s films in the heist, after the trilogy of His People.” Come out to the scene of the robbers, sleek, led by George Clooney, will be presented in a group of losers who want to rob the team of a race that knows them for an event.

The ensemble cast also starring Adam Driver, Channing Tatum, and Riley Keough there are the brothers who make up the core of the film, while Daniel Craig shines forth with a weird skin of the burglar of safes that you both need to break free from the chain, so that the plan does work.

“On The Counter”

With a lot of violence, and a player to be brilliant, and obsessed with, The “Counter” has all it takes to appeal to fans of “House of Paper”. Here, Ben Affleck (him again!) it interprets Christian Wolff), a prodigy in mathematics who makes a life leading to crime, to adjust your finances so that your business may seem perfectly legitimate. When the government begins to be suspicious of his activities, he put in action a plan to escape mirabolante.

In addition to Affleck, “The Accountant” breaks the most of a name with another name from the list. The writer of the film, Bill Dubuque, is also the creator of an “Ozark” series of criminal that we have listed a little further down in the list). The show also featured Anna Kendrick, J. K. Simmons, Jon Bernthal and Jeffrey Tambor.


At the peak of “La Casa de papel”, the Series was excited by the production of a Spanish-releasing the book with a degree of success in the morning. The most compelling is probably “Toy-Boy”, starring a stripper, who, after spending years in prison for a crime he has not committed tries to prove his innocence and to uncover the lover, who said to him, with the help of a young lawyer.

Spicy and mysterious, the series is 13 episodes have fallen into the graces of the public, but the second season has not yet been assured by the Series. Who knows, with a couple of marathons over this period of quarantine, the platform will not be persuaded to continue this story, right?

“The Good Girls”

A trio of mothers are financially desperate, he decides to rob a store in one of these works, as a last resort to get the money, and, from that point on, they are increasingly involved in the world of crime while still trying to maintain their lives in the peri-urban as usual. The whole premise of a “Good Girl” is intriguing, but the series makes it even better.

The female characters are strong in “the House of Paper” is one of the reasons why you watch the show, here is a very good thing. “Good Girls,” which already has two seasons on Netflix and a third of the way into the lives and minds of these women, and will work hard to show you what’s driving his actions, each time more and more dubious morally.


An epic, a criminal with a somber tone and the tension is always high? I think that’s perfect for fans of the “House of Paper”. It is true that the “Ozark” has a slower and more deliberate, and the one I like most for the dialogues are killer, instead of the big action scenes, but fans of a good thriller and will be absorbed into the world of the series, which follows a family that moves into a region of the north american great lakes, with the intention of taking money for a criminal organization.

To add to this recipe to great performances by Jason Bateman, Laura Linney, and Julia Garner, and you have a series of irresistible — even for a daytime Emmy, which was rewarded with a trophy for the best direction in a dramatic series (for Bateman) and best supporting actress in a drama series (for Garner) in the last year.


In the series, they are almost sisters. In the “Vis a Vis”, which also has a four-year contract, you’re going to be able to kill the longing of Nairobi, kenya, and Maria, and Caloocan. The actress Alba Flores, Najwa Nimri, and Belen Cuesta are a short walk, Zulema, and The series has more of a direct relationship with the “House of Paper” in: the direction of Jesús Colmenar, in a few episodes.

The story, which is set inside a prison for women also has a hint of “Orange is The New Black,” with a spice of Spanish. Be prepared to ponder a lot about the company when you find the last of the prey to the bullshit amazing between them, and the style of the ones we’ve seen, reaching out to touch the group of robbers, from “the House of Paper” in the last year. On the face are also amazing, and it’s hard not to make amends with a world to another.

“The Queen city of the South”

Like a strong character, and he as a Teacher? So how would you like to give it a try with a woman, and, in addition, a technique. “The Queen city of the South”, is starring Alice Braga, and shows you the history of it, from the one single the girlfriend of a drug dealer to become a criminal and the most powerful in the world.

The next three seasons are already available on Netflix. With all of the action, the tension and violence typical of mexico’s drug cartels on both sides of the tension leaks and the trafficking of drugs around the world, the series, starring the brazilian actress has all it takes to capture the attention of those who are accustomed to the rhythm of “the House of Paper”. One more chance for you to pick up rooting for the bad guys.

“The thieves”

One’s plan minutely calculated from the assault, the commander away from the action, passing on instructions to his team of thieves, highly trained, cash, and a powerful boss of the police force in the opposite direction. It reminds you of something? “The thieves”, a film in 2010, and it has many points in common with the two rounds of the “House of Paper”.

Add to that a cast that has Paul Walker (and he’s also a race car at high speed into the film, Idris Elba, Chris Brown and Zoe Saldana. “The thieves” has all the elements to hold your attention, with the added advantage that the story has a beginning, a middle and an end in only 1 hour and 47 minutes.