In the new reality of the “Brothers-to-Work’, as Brad Pitt puts it in the hands-on learning to the reform of the house of the make-up artist – Notes – Glamurama


The brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott, and Brad Pitt || Credits: Play

With a debut scheduled for the following Monday on the cable channel american and HGTV, which is currently the third most-watched in the United States, behind CNN and Fox News, the reality tv show “Celebrity IOU’s” is one of today’s hottest topics in the news over entertainment in the country. Presented by the duo, Jonathan and Drew Scott, the famous “Brothers at Work” on the big screen in there, there is also another one of those in which the houses of the anonymous is retired on the track, but with one major difference: in the case of anonymous, are people that have had an impact on the lives of celebrities, who are expected to participate in these recauchutagens from the beginning to the end.

The list of celebrities who came to participate in the reality show gives you a glimpse of what’s to come, since it includes names such as Melissa McCarthy, Viola Davis, Rebel Wilson, and Brad Pitt, the latter being the subject of the first and aguardadíssimo with her. The one that is chosen by the ex of Angelina Jolie, who is in love with the architecture and all the issues related to it, in order to receive a deed of real estate is a makeup artist Jean Ann Black, who has been working for years.

Pitt, who appear to have a close friendship strong with her, it is not only the show is interested in giving a faithful squire, with all of the good and of the best, as is also clear from the scene which actually believes in the reforms, and the like. “I love the sound of this project,” the star confessed at a certain time of the recordings. There is not yet a scheduled date for the premiere of “the Celebrity IOU’s” in Brazil, but there is no doubt that its best just to fall on the internet for the whole world to see. While this is not the case, it gives the play on the video below to watch the trailer for the programme… (By Anderson, De)