James Gunn promises, harley quinn is next to the original


In the new movie the a-team “Truth”, which will be the direction of James Gunn, it will be more of an eye on a harley quinn played by Margot Robbie.

The director talked about his approach to the character, and he has promised to drink of the fountains in close proximity to the sources of the eternal, the girlfriend of the Joker. Contrary to what you might look like harley quinn did not come out exactly in the comic books.

Gunn answered a few fan questions on Twitter, and was questioned about harley quinn in the new Squadron, Truth”, especially about his vision for the character.

He’s described the character in the film as ‘ explosively ‘by Paul Diniesca’”. Paul Dini was one of the founders of harley quinn, who first appeared in the animated series, the Batman, infamous in the ‘ 90s.

The response of the Gunn explains some of the photos leaked from the set, where you can see Margot Robbie’s in by using a costume that is black and red, as well as a unique version of harley quinn.

It will be the third managing director to deal with the bad guy played by Robbie, then David Ayer, in the first movie, the super hero Squad show “Truth”, and in Her Hand, in a Birds-of-Prey.

About harley quinn

Harley quinn is one of the the enemy’s the more famous of the Two. That is different from the rest of the characters, it was created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm for the animated series of Batman in 1992. She made her debut in the comic strip a year later.

The real-life identity of the character, it’s Harleen Quinzel, a psychologist working at Arkham Asylum and was in charge of dealing with the Truth.

However, it turned out to be known as the villain, and he has decided to become a girl, by the name of harley quinn. For your chance, love has never been reciprocated on the part of the Joker’s Crime, due to their nature, psychopathic.

In the course of its history, in comic books, harley quinn has become a member of teams such as the Squadron’s Bombers, and the Birds of Prey.

Some time ago, the character was transformed into an anti-hero and it is no longer a mere sidekick to the Joker, to go their own way.

In movie theaters, harley quinn is played by actress Margot Robbie. She has also appeared in other media, such as TELEVISION series, and video games.

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