‘Justice league’: Zack Snyder releases new picture of the Cyborg


A new picture of the ‘Justice league of america‘ that was released today by the Zack Snyder.

Check it out:

Recently, a new rumor has emerged. According to his son Zack SnyderEli, “the good news is yet to come”.

Still, it’s hard to say that this is a release from the director of the film. It can be a dissemination of the road map, or some of the concept art, rejected. The only thing left to wait for.

‘Justice league’ in Ben Affleck as he is Gal Gadot how wonderful to be a Woman, Jason Momoa as for Aquaman, Ezra Miller like a Flash, Ray Fisher as a Cyborg Henry Cavill with His Amy Adams as the winner of the contest, Jeremy Irons as Alfred Pennyworth, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor Amber Heard as a Mere, and others.

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Take the time to watch it:

Check out the movie and the series, which debuts on Amazon Prime Video this week!

Of the universe-extended DC it continues with the ‘Shazam!’that premiere, on 05 April 2019 at the latest, ‘Birds of Prey’marked for the day of 07 to February 2020, and ‘No Man’s Land 1984’that premiere, on the 05 day of June, in the year 2020.

A movie and a solo entitled, ‘The joker’ the debut of this year, on the 04 day of October, but it does not belong within the pantheon of the heroes, and that is in the starring by Joaquin Phoenix.