Kim Kardashian has said that a quarantine, it made her not want to have any more children


Kim Kardashian has confessed that she self-isolate, and her four sons, and Kanye West, made her realize that she definitely did not want any more children.

Kim Kardashian has realized that she definitely did not want any more children since he is alone with the four kids and a Kanye-West-for-the-multi-coronavirus. Kim and Kanye welcomed to their first child, daughter North, in 2013, and since then they have had three more babies, Saint., Chicago, and Ps, using one surrogacy. While Kim and Kanye love each other and their four children, but the star has confirmed to Whoopi on The View through a live interview that she doesn’t want to any more.

“Let me tell you, living in a house with four kids,” he said to her, “if I thought for one minute they wanted each other, that’s it. It’s really, really hard.” Kim touched on the struggles that she has faced in dealing with all four of the children 24 hours a day, including having to take classes for them on “The kids just started spring break, thank God!” she cried out. “Being a teacher to them as well – my new found respect for teachers. They are worth a lot.”

“It has been a difficult one to deal with all of this,” she said. “Do you really have to put it in the background and just focus on the kids.” Nothing like being stuck in a house with four children under the age of seven years to do it, you never want to have children.