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Spectacular 40 years. The celebrity Kourtney Kardashian left ‘without breath’ to all their fans in Instagram as she shared a facet little-known, but still be sensual. She posed in the kitchen wearing a ball gown but allowing the camera to capture a part of your body.

While many users of social networks doubted that the eldest daughter of Kris Jenner has been preparing a delicious soup at that time as there are ingredients around, the decision was widely applauded.

The publication of Kourtney Kardashian yes that impacted thousands for, although used to show his side more sensual in Instagram, is one of the few times I leave the modesty aside, and wears a dress with deep neckline in the back that allows you to see part of his derrier or ‘booty’.

Dani Michelle was in charge of the look that took the sister of Kim Kardashian for this picture of a heart attack. She used to choose the best outfits and other celebrities, so that it is recognized in United States.

According to the publication of the own Kourtney Kardashianthe makeup was the work of Ash K Holm, and Andrew Fitzsimons took the role of creative director. The spicy session photos has received more than 2 million of ‘likes’.

Does the klan back together?

2019 was a successful year for the famous sisters Kardashian-Jenner; however, a news caused alarm among her fans. After that Kourtney Kardashian announced his detachment from the reality ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’, peace is not what has reigned in the family and much has been made of a rift with Kim and Khloé Kardashian. This weekend, a photograph in social networks has caused a stir, why?

An instagrammer is found with the celebrities having dinner in an Armenian restaurant and they agreed to take a photo. This has been interpreted by many fans on the social network as a great approach and the end of the problems between them.


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