Kylie Jenner gets the title of billion dollar the most the young man of the world, and for the second time


According to the magazine, Kylie Jenner is known as the billion dollar young for a second time

Kylie Jenner he created an empire with a line of make-up, the Has Cosmestics.

Last Tuesday, the 7th, the socialite was given the title of billion dollar the most youthful in the world for the second time, according to Forbes magazine.

The survey puts the other 9 billionaires under the age of 30 years, with 7 of his own.

The fortune of the Case that is valued at$ 1 billion, and, in addition, she has earned it, without a heritage, even for a part of the clan Kardashian/Jenner. However, it is a recognition that, in the name of the family, has given more visibility to your work.

By 2019, the mother of the Stormi it surpassed the mark for the youngest person in the world to have a brand with a US$ 1 billion in revenues, exceeding that of the creator of Facebook, Marck Zuckerberg.

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