Lollapalooza: you see artists, you could play on after the snooze – Entertainment


With the change of date due to the pandemic of the coronavirus, Lollapalooza Brazil will take place between the 4th and the 6th of December. And, like you, the Purebreak is already thinking about the new line-up.

In a statement, the organisation of the festival has ensured that the headliners – Guns N’ Roses, The Strokes and Travis Scott are all confirmed for the three days and rescheduled.

However, we expect little change in the rest of the attractions. Have you got your bets on? We have listed the 10 names that would appear on a new line-up. Check them out below:

1. Dua Lipa

With the success of the “Future Nostalgia”, and that the audience for the Lollapalooza I would love to see the name of the Two confirmed in the line-up, isn’t he?! Even the fans have to believe that Google would have given you a spoiler about it. When you search for on the calendar, in the year, it is possible to see one show, marked the end of the Three, on the 4th of December. Coincidence? Let’s look forward to…

2. The Weeknd

Another one that rocked with the release of the new songs The Weeknd. “After Hours,” was released last Friday (3), and we can only imagine how it would be like all the tracks on the live!

3. Released In X,

This is the live performance of “Old Town Road” and other hits from the rap artist that you want to, @?! So, cheers to you for the organization of the festival is to listen to your prayers!

4. Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny is an american singer of the reggaeton puerto rican who got pumped and spread the word to the Latin pop here and there. On the way to the Lollapalooza like it.

5. Mexico

And that is, to innovate on the style of music, Mexico would join the line-up with bands that provide a punch of pop, Latin, new flamenco.

6. BK’

There is no need to be a fan of a rappper to acknowledge the talent of BC’. If you are going to add in a new brazilian (or replace it), there is a great tip!

7. Jessie J

At the Rock in Rio last year, and gave them to understand that, in the show of Jessie J, it is possible to sing, to jump, to dance and cry at the same time. And now that the singer did not hide the fact that he LOVES living in the country, and that it would go back to more of a festival, right?

8. Cardi B

Comes in Cardi B, to represent the rap women!

9. Lizzo

The Lizzo is wonderful, the whole world already knows about. The novelty would be the singer’s stirring (and empowering) women’s film festival!


It’s past time for K-pop’s break into Lollapalooza. BLACKPINK is one of the favourites for the Purebreak are here to enforce the order.