Love and Thunder, it will make Ragnarok look film, says director


During his live in the Instagram comment “Thor: Ragnarok on the side of the fan, Taika Waititi he gave a few more details on the plot of the fourth film, titled, Love and Thunder. According to the director of the new feature, scheduled for 2022, it will make the third installment of the God of Thunder look like “a film of any of the” (via Deadline).

It is as if we had asked for a ten-year-olds that was supposed to be in the movie, and we said yes to everything” joked the director, who pointed to the participation of Sharks in Space, a type is associated with the Clutch, the villains of the X-Men. Your very own Thor came to stand against the creatures recently in the Comics, thus giving the appearance of a predator in the film.

About his character in the franchise, Korg, Waititi said that the history of the race, with the korgan, will be further explored in the new film.

In addition to the returns of the Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Natalie Portman as Jane Foster, the film will also Tessa Thompson back as a Valkyrie. Speculation that the recent, also pointed to the escalation of the Christian Bale in a paper that has not yet been revealed.

The launch is scheduled for the 18th of February, in the year 2022.