#MariliaTocaEssa is in the n°1 on Twitter in Brazil. The fans think the setlist for the live of Linda Thomas

At the time of the pandemic, coronavirus, and social isolation, as people are watching a lot of television in the home. And with that, the audience of the radio stations recorded an increase, particularly in the Networking World. It is, however, coming into the game, a competitor is unlikely. Their lives on the internet.

In spite of the internet being a form of entertainment, a strong turned off the TV, the numbers would become more obvious if you compare it with the time at which the live-from Linda Thomas on Wednesday (08). The Journal of the National scoring to 31.2 points in the greater São Paulo area, representing a 1.9-point (or 386 billion viewers), the less-than-usually on the same day in other weeks. The live singer was the record of the hearing, and has received millions of views. The information on the website, On the big Screen.

In line with this trend, the world must not stand on the sidelines. According to Leo’s Day, is being planned for a “film festival” that will be displayed on the tv. The layout is the same, each is an artist in her home, making her the show. The radio station did not confirm, nor deny “Any initiative to bring entertainment and enjoyment to the public, it is the tracking at that time is considered to be” said the advisory.

Artists like Jorge e Mateus, Luan Santana, Http: Thomas, Wesley Safadão, Firefox, Pires and Black, are being quoted to the so-called special one.