Marvel comics may be able to use the Daredevil in the film, after November, you Understand!


Most recently, rumors that the game will Daredevillived in by the actor Charlie Cox in a series of Netflixwould participate in the long-awaited ‘Spider-Man 3’film , which is part of the The Cinematographic universe of Marvel comicsin partnership with the Sony Pictures.

The series, cancelled after 3 seasons, you’re in limbo, and yet it can’t be used by Marvel comics for the rights sold to the Netflix. However, this needs to change, starting in November of this year, when the full rights to return to Marvel, after 3 years of the termination of the obligations under the contract. According to an article on the web site WGTC.

In this way, it is worth noting that, due to the crisis of the Coronavirus in the film industry, for all of the upcoming projects from the House of Ideas, they should not start shooting until November, including ‘Spider-Man 3’or, it is possible for the Destructor to even have a presence in the film, as pointed out by the journalist Jeremy Conradthe USING the Cosmicon his Twitter account:

It remains to wait to know if we will see the Demolishing of the Charlie Cox fighting against the crime in New York city on the side of the Peter Parker from the Tom Holland.

‘Spider-Man 3’ you must shut down the new partnership between Marvel and Sony, and it has the date of the premiere is set for the On July 15, 2021.