Netflix will be releasing a series of post-apocalyptic Sweet Tooth’ supported by the Robert Downey Jr.


The Sweet ToothTV series based on the COMIC of the Vertigo created by the Jeff Lemireshould be released by the Netflix. According to the reporter, By Daniel Richtman (via CBit ), the streaming platform has already ordered a full season of the project, which is Robert Downey Jr. among its executive producers.

The story takes place in a world populated by hybrids of human beings and animals. The story revolves around Gus, a cross between a human and a deer, who leaves his home and finds a world devastated by an event that cataclismático. He meets up with a gang of hybrids and humans who are seeking answers to questions about the event, and ends up uncovering a massive conspiracy that forces you to question your own existence.

The pilot episode is written and directed by Jim Mickle (‘Stake Land – The Sunset, A Violent‘).

The new information should be coming out soon.