new to streaming, comes to Brazil with the original short-term


“Survive,” with Sophie Turner, is one of the bets of the streaming QuibiPhoto: Reproduction

When it comes to streaming is that you don’t miss. For consumers, loyal, the list could get bigger in the month of April. Is it that you came to Brazil in the final on Monday (6), the Quibi, to be developed exclusively for mobile devices. Since the operation up to the production of content, they’ve all been designed to fit in the palm of your hand, and you can view it in their computers.

But the features of the new service does not stop there. The idea is that people will be able to watch movies and series in between short breaks, such as lunch hour, for example, in the five minutes that they allow in to the bed prior to lifting or upon leaving the traffic jam. Because of this, the series will have seven to 10 minutes at the most. This is also true for the film, which will be distributed on the same schedule as that of the channel.

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So that it will be available in the country, a detail that can make the platform do not make a lot of success around here, at least for this moment: the entire menu is in English, as well as to the catalogue, it still does not have subtitles in Portuguese, or the voice acting. For anyone who reads this will not be a problem, but for the most part, the wait goes on.

The Quibi offers a free trial period of 90 days, and it is only after it is charged in the amount of R$ 32,90 actual on a monthly basis. For the price, it can be another aggravating circumstance, it is very “salty” when compared with other services, such as Netflix (R$ 21,90 for the basic package), AppleTV+ (- R$ 9,90 up to a year of testing for those who have Apple products), and you Press the Video (in R$ 9,90, with a 30-day free trial and are entitled to free shipping from Amazon, and more).


The original content will also be a part of the Quibi. Movies, tv shows, documentary films and programs, news coming in on the ‘menu’ of the company, respecting the duration of up to 10 minutes. Names such as Naomi Watts, Idris Elba, Jennifer Lopez, Liam Hemsworth, Reese Witherspoon and Sophie Turner are present in the productions are available on Quibi. The goal is that within a year of being released 175 titles. The momentum is expected to be the episodes and daily new releases every Monday. To check out the trailer of which has already been posted, just click the here.

An interesting example is the series of “Models,” which tells the story of two of the passengers who survived the crash of a plane out of reach and you have to fight against the outside conditions to get back to civilization. The main character is played by Sophie Turner, a Sansa de Game Of Thrones”. Check out the trailer:


In addition to the minimalistic layout that fills the entire screen, and if it is suited to the position of the cell, the creators of the content, it is also looking to reinvent itself. The most anticipated feature is that of the filmmaker, Steven Spielberg. Following the release of the revival of the “Amazing Stories” in the AppleTV+, is the director of suited for your target audience to those who did not withdraw his hand from the phone.

“After Dark”, created by Spielberg, is currently in the stage of production, regardless of the date of the debut to on Quibi. It is anticipated that the series will not be able to be viewed at any time. This is the platform that you will use the sensors of the smartphone – the same as those who identify with where we’re at, and if it’s early in the morning or evening – in order to create a “clock in” and generate notifications for the user to know that the episode can be seen that the interval of time at night.

The plot of the series has not yet been disclosed, but it is known that they will be tales of terror and creepy, and you’ll have about 12 chapters of this book. For this reason, the idea of the exhibition takes place in the last few hours of the day. It is worth noting that, to the extent that it is early morning, After Dark” – will not be able to be seen, and may be available again in the evening.

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